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Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow
{XXXIV A.S. Directed by Tim Burton. Starring Christina Ricci, Johnny Depp, Christopher Lee, Christopher Walken.}

Not the traditional tale from Tim Burton. Herein, there be witches!

Ichabod Crane {Johnny Depp} is a forensic investigator who, after being assigned to the case by Judge Burgomaster {Christopher Lee}, travels from New York to enchanted Sleepy Hollow, following up on some grisly murders where the victims were all beheaded.

With his various devices, his logic is challenged as the superstitious villagers lend their perspective on the mysterious 'Headless Horseman', who appears from out of a magnifient skeletal tree, an entrance to Hell, as well as a direct confrontation. Some history is provided on how 'The Hessian Horseman' {Christopher Walken; a Vlad-like warrior} became the phantom figure, and meets love interest 'Katrina' {Christina Ricci}, who turns out to be a latent 'white witch', whose protective spells save him in the end.

There is a very interesting twist at the finale, where it is revealed who the true puppeteer is, thus connecting the sub-plots.

Marvellous camera angles, special effects which compliment the story instead of distracting, splendid darkly elegant visuals, a 'gothic' adventure, and a most intriguing version of this delighfully ghastly tale comprises this pleasing adaptation of Sleepy Hollow.

Tim Burton continues to create marvellous de-facto Satanic productions {virtually ALL visuals, and most characterizations}, combined with Danny Elfman's ingenious orchestrations, makes for a truly powerful combination, both of which are frequent pleasures.

Rating: 5/5.

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