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Groehl asked to play Satan in King Kong

Groehl asked to play Satan in King Kong

KING KONG star JACK BLACK begged rock pal DAVE GROHL to make a cameo as the devil in the forthcoming PETER JACKSON blockbuster.

Satan appears in the movie - although Black won't reveal the nature of the part - and the actor was convinced the FOO FIGHTERS frontman would be perfect for the role.

He says, "I asked him to be in King Kong. We wanted him to play the devil but he was too busy."

Black adds, "He doesn't have a major part - but he is a big influence.

"I don't believe in the devil but I've always liked him as a character, kind of like DARTH VADER. Satan pretty much invented rock."

* Source.

It is known that The Devil has the best tunes. I would venture to say it is because the beast that is man is unstinted in his/her expression, and exhibits the true passionate predispositions through not only music, but other art forms as well.


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