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Rumors abound; police still seek leads

Rumors abound; police still seek leads
The Daily Herald

Over the past 10 years, rumors of someone finding Kiplyn Davis's remains surface regularly. Kiplyn disappeared without a trace on May 2, 1995. The Spanish Fork High School sophomore was 15 at the time.

Officials suspect she was raped, murdered and buried somewhere in Spanish Fork Canyon.

But her body has never been found.

Rumors began to circulate within months after she disappeared. She had been kidnapped and killed as a sacrifice by Satan worshippers; a psychic had told someone her body parts were strung out from Spanish fork to the Colorado border; or she was locked in someone's basement.

Earlier this year, the Daily Herald got at least a half dozen calls from people who said there was new information about Kiplyn, and police had located her body somewhere in Spanish Fork Canyon.

One Spanish Fork resident said she had been told by four or five people that the case had been solved. She was upset that nothing had been in the news about it.

"We all to went out to look" in 1995, she said. "It was a big ordeal when I was in school."

She was disappointed to learn that it all was rumor.

"We haven't found a body, and nobody has confessed to us," Spanish Fork police Lt. Steven Adams said. "We're trying to dispel those rumors."

Nor was the Utah Department of Transportation involved in any road construction up Spanish Fork Canyon that might have turned up a long-buried body.

Police have received many inquiries about the Kiplyn case over the years, and they hope that will be the lead that breaks the case, Adams said.

Those leads include rumors, calls from people who have seen someone who looks like Kiplyn, or someone who remembers something they haven't reported.

Once he got a call from a woman in Wyoming who recognized a young woman who came into her shop as someone she had seen on an Internet site for missing children.

It turned out to be a look-alike.

* Source.

Still blaming The Devil. Seems that when there is no apparent explanation for a crime, they default to the "Satan worshippers" analogy. Still the scapegoat, and still keeping churches, misled police agencies, and the media in business.


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