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Satanic Cult Played Role In Man's Disappearance, Says Family

Satanic Cult Played Role In Man's Disappearance, Says Family

Central Florida family who believes a Satanic cult played a part in the disappearance of a loved one 16 years ago may finally get closure after new clues surface in the case, according to a Problem Solvers investigation.

Investigators said Dwayne Defazio disappeared May 27, 1989.

Since Defazio's mysterious disappearance, his family has tried to determine what could have happened.

Defazio's mother, Joy, said she is still numb with grief and relives the day she entered her son's blood-soaked mobile home.

"I don't remember the exact moment exactly," Defazio said. "I knew something terrible had happened."

Since the disappearance, Defazio's sister, Donna Decker Defazio, hired forensic psychics and personally interviewed people who saw her brother the night he disappeared.

After the questioning, she now believes Defazio may have been a victim of a religious ritual.

"A Satanic cult?" Holfeld asked.

"Yes," Donna Defazio said.

"Do you think they used rituals to kill your brother?" Holfeld asked.

"Yes, I do," Defazio said.

"Do you think that explains the blood and knife?" Holfeld asked.

"I think it explains the body missing," Defazio said.

During the family's investigation, one name kept coming up -- Longwood resident Kenny Arnold.

"We were told he worshipped Satan," Holfeld said.

Witnesses said Arnold was in a rage 16 years ago and promised to chop up Defazio's body and feed it to the alligators, Holfeld said.

Arnold's mother, Frances, told Holfeld that she lived in fear of her only son.

"I was scared to death he was going to hurt me," Arnold said. "He had a temper and they told me Dwayne (Defazio) spit in his face. Well, you didn't do that to Kenny. Yeah, (murder) was in the back of my mind but he was my son and he said he didn't do it. They said they were investigating him but nothing ever happened."

Holfeld said during the initial investigation nothing happened because Stacy McRary gave her fiance a solid alibi.

McRary said Arnold was with her during the time of Defazio's disappearance.

Now, 16 years later, McRary has admitted her statement to detectives was a lie.

McRary recently told investigators that she drove Arnold and another man to Defazio's mobile home the night Defazio vanished.

"Stacy said she came inside not knowing what was going to go on and observed Kenny Arnold stabbing the victim repeatedly," cold case unit Detective Alan Lee said. "And, subsequently when he, in her words didn't think he was dying fast enough, shot him,".

"She was there?" Holfeld asked.

"She was there," Lee said.

Last week, Frances Arnold found her son's body lying face down on his bed. The medical examiner confirmed that Kenny Arnold died of a drug overdose.

A suicide note found at the scene read, "I hope everyone is happy now."

Investigators are convinced Arnold knew they were getting ready to arrest him in connection with the Defazio case, Holfeld said.

Recently, a Volusia County forensics team searched a road for evidence that could lead to more clues in the mystery.

There will be a second search for Defazio's body soon, according to the report.

* Source.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. At least he offed himself instead of being a burden on the state.


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