Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Click or Treat!

Click of Treat!

Click or Treat! The Shadowmantium is mentioned with a favorable review on page 80 in this entertaining and informative book by Rich Gray, wherein a plethora of links, commentary, recommendations, and descriptions are provided in this ultimate source of Horror and Halloween-related websites.

"Do your tastes tend more towards the hard-core Satanic? Swing by Draconis Blackthorne's site, where you'll find a lot of his Satanism-inspired artwork, in addition to a lot of Satanic text and links to - what else? Satanism resources."

An extensive compendium of Halloween and otherwise Horror resources on the net.

Many subjects to choose from within this nefarious genre from artistry, to literature, poetry, music, holiday history, superstitions, character origins, psychodrama, multimedia, recipes, online goody recommendations, and costumed fun-eral.

Read by flickering screen and candle light in the gloom of your haunted room, and allow your imagination to transport you to arcane realms for amusement and fright!

Tags: halloween, reviews, shadowmantium

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