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Evil Spirit Terrorises School

Evil Spirit Terrorises School
November 17, 2005
Posted to the web November 17, 2005
Emma Kakololo, Windhoek

A PARANORMAL figure, a poltergeist, allegedly resurfaced for the umpteenth time at Mumbwenge Combined School, five kilometres from Oshigambo in the Ohangwena Region, tormenting 40 learners.

The mysterious and extremely sinister image, as described by learners, carries a garden fork and it is with this fork that it presses them down to the ground trying to tie them up and to kill them.

The voices of children screaming could be heard in the background when New Era called the school principal, Helena Makili, amidst the unfolding drama yesterday afternoon after three o'clock.

"They are shouting, 'Satan leave our school, let us free, the whole school and our teachers, we want to learn,'" was Makili's reply to the journalist's query about the importunate noise in the background.

"This whole thing started on July 8, this year. The children say they see something approaching them, carrying a garden fork and rope trying to tie them up and the learners start beating back, shouting 'Satan leave us alone, we want to learn.' Some of the learners collapse and lie down motionless as if they are in a trance," she stated.

She said prayers from local church leaders are not helpful and appears to make the "beast" furious and powerful according to the principal.

"We called in pastors from Elcin Church, they came four times to our school to pray, and after that the stuation has been growing and the number of children attacked by this beast has increased.

After that, we contacted the Universal Church in Oluno, they were here on Saturday, but the situation is still on."

Yesterday, Jesus Centre in Ondangwa was called in for prayer.

"They prayed and prayed and after the prayer, the children started shouting again, but some of them collapsed and they are lying on the ground as we speak. But we are more worried about those we sent home when the thing started - what might happen to them on their way home."

"What we are seeing here is children collapsing and shouting, 'Satan you are jealous of us we were sent here by our parents to study, why won't you leave us alone'," said a staggered Pastor Matthew Iyambo yesterday.

"According to my analysis, those who recovered say a human was tormenting them, pressing them down with a garden fork, kicking them. Some of them are praying, some swearing.

"One thing that I noticed is that they can hear us. One learner was wearing shoes and when the teacher asked her to remove them she did."

Iyambo suspects witchcraft at the school.

"We have just arrived at the school now but so far, I'm suspecting witch-craft."

My suggestion is that the education sector must reconsider Bible teaching at school.

When you reject God, then you are inviting Satan. There are only two kingdoms, God's and Satan's. The devil has seen a hole and now he is tormenting learners.

This only started after the rejection of Bible teaching at schools."

"She is just lying there calling her Lord Jesus Christ and crying," said a disheartened parent Taimi Eliaser, mother of Ndapandula Uyumba, a Grade 3 learner.

Eliaser is calling upon Government to go to the school together with the media and get the "oshiluli" (ghost) out of his hiding place and take pictures of it.

"We want to see where this thing is hiding and attacking our children. We want Government to assist us,' she said.

* Source.

I say that this is an excellent way to inspire students by use of such reverse psychology through fear. Not much different than '"Jesus" or "Santa" is watching you, so you better be good'. In this case, an "evil" character is being utilized by the savvy staff to keep the kids in line, while providing them with a bit of fun eustress at the same time. Every culture has a 'boogey man or woman' story to scare their young from being out too late, or wandering alone to bridges or rivers, or saying certain things which would invoke bad luck, etc. Basically, exploiting stuporstition towards manipulative ends. Ye olde "Evil as a catilyst for change" proves evident once more.


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