November 11th, 2021


Warning Signs exposed!


BBlindlight institutions have created an entire cottage industry on the alleged & misdiagnosed mental imbalances of otherwise healthy individuals, typically ending up doing more harm than good in the longrun, engendering additional traumas with fabricated scenarios. These and other suppositions have appeared on various talkshows and books on the subject, with minimal rebuttal.

Overall, it is a good indication that whatever is condemned by blindlighters, is where the treasures are, and what to inspect. The general consensus is if they're against it, do it. If they recommend it, avoid it. Do the opposite.

In Nomine Satanas,

Rev. Warlock Blackthorne
Marquis of Hell, Knight of The Infernal Empire, Devil's Advocate, Antichrist

warning signsLoss of sense of humor, or other dramatic personality change.

A selective sense of humor is more apropos, denoting intelligence, often evolving into a 'black sense' of humor.

A turn to the darker side, seeing only bad things in the world, pessimism. Loss of self-esteem may accompany that

Maintaining a perspective of reality instead of puscillanimousness, but to neither extreme. The balance of The Third Side and perfect stanchion of undefiled wisdom. Thus would enhance self-worth and deserved Pride.

Wearing of all black clothing

It is streamlining and figure flattering. The color black signifies capability and mastery in the Martial Arts, as well as most other crafts, and the stealthy unification with the night, Ninja camouflage. Always adds an impression of hellegance. Lack of Aesthetics is also one of our sins. [Also see HELLEGANCE: The Æsthetics of Evil]

Preoccupation with death, including suicide, homicide and sacrifices of animals

Death represents change and memento-mori contemplation, thus enhancing Strong life indulgence. 'Suicide' is unthinkable to the Satanist, including the incremental self-destruction of narcotics. Unless the extreme need for euthanasia to relieve disease and constant pain, it is not considered.

Not gratuitous 'Homicide', but well-applied justified punishment upon the deserving, via Lex Talionis.

Animals are never 'sacrificed', but rather it is taken as a symbolic term for the destruction of pests and enemies.

Animals are considered in a brotherly, familial & reflective regard, as the 7th Statement asserts.

Doodling and art work that includes death themes, satanic symbols or backward writing. ''Natas'' (Satan reversed) may be seen, or ''live'' (the reverse of evil), the numerals 666 or the letters FFF (the sixth letter), DCLXVI (666 in Romanumerals). Others may include the pentagram, which is an upside down five-pointed star; an upside down cross; the swastika; the broken cross, which is the peace symbol of the '60s, and can represent the downfall of Christianity; or a goat's head.

These are religious symbols used for various personal applications, but should not be used to vandalize public or private property, but remain in the chamber and otherwise artwork where they belong.

  • The Pentagram represents the hellements, flesh, æthyr {Magic}, and the hellgate of manifestation. Used in Satanism in its proper positioning of 3 points down {denial of trinity & spiritual mandates, tyranny}, 2 up {Satan's horns representing indulgence, Power, rebellion, creativity of the fertile imagination, flesh}.
  • 666 is also 9 [6+6+6=1+8=9]*, in reference to 9 being Satan's ultimate number {see The Unknown Known, The Satanic Rituals, LaVey}, number of The Beast, Humanimal, Belial, baseness of the Earth, without Master except oneself.
  • Backward masking, or "shilgne" may be used by the Satanic Magician to serve a psychodramatic purpose {folklorically said to be used for The Black Mass, and popularized during The Satanic Panic era as demonic messages on record albums. Similar to 'EVP' or cloudshapes, wherein the mind will strive to make sense of the unintelligible for personal significance.
  • The inverted cross references 1. the opposition to xian mandates and the Antichrist, 2. so-called "cross of st. peter" crucified upside-down, 3. 4 directional points of the Hellements, 4-Crown Princes of Hell.
  • Swastika, originally symbol for "Buddha's heart", also 4 directional points; also sign of Cursing conjoined with Pentagram upon parchments of destruction.
  • "broken cross" taken to mean the cross inversed with arms broken downwards towards Hell, and rune "YR" signifying "death, end, war". Hippies used it to represent "peace", though upturned rune "Algiz" means "life, beginning, protection".
  • The "goat's head" aligned with the pentagram in 5-Point ratio to present the Baphomet sigil, combined with the Hebraic characters to spell "Leviathan".
* See Satanic Numerology, The Devil's Scroll.

Recreational changes. Have normal activities been replaced by reading of such books as ''Carrie'' and ''The Exorcist,'' and are movies of the slasher and horror type? Watch for such books as ''The Book of Shadows,'' which has a marriage license for the union with Satan and blank pages for recording everything from rituals to a contract with the devil and suicide pacts, ''The Satanic Bible,'' and ''The Book of Rituals.''

Generic activities meant for the common populace simpletons replaced by autodidactic studies to enrich true interests, which evolves the individual, promoting overall evolution.

Genre to personal preference, though entertainment tends towards horror, sci-fi, Occult, even comedies spiced with it, all of which may sometimes be inspiring for personal artistic or philosophical integration tempered with reason & logic.

The Book of Shadows is a record of one's rites and results, providing evidence of fulfilment and the development of skill. Diary of Magical and philosophical evolution. May also include art, music, and poetry.

Fascination and playing with occult-themed role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and macabre comic books. Collecting action figures, statues, of an occult nature.

The stimulation of the imagination in tandem with cerebral functions, promotes overall left/right hemisphere exercise of the mind, and thus, promotes intelligence and creativity. It is known that those who engage in role-playing & board games maintain a higher IQ.

For a truly enhanced psychodramatic experience, decorate the play area with statues, posters, cave or stone dungeon wallpaper, light candles, colored lights, pentagram tablecloth, light incense, play atmospheric music, wear costumes or robes.

Heavy metal music with themes of death and violence. Rock & Heavy Metal Posters on the walls.

Well-channeled energy into nascent activities like headbanging, fist-pounding, slamdancing, weightraining, Martial Arts, sex, role-playing, and accompanying horror movies, all promote catharsis, stress-relief, and complementary physical/mental exercise. Overall therapeutically beneficial.

Preoccupation with sex, particularly if activities or attitudes go against previous values.

The Satanist selects whatever erotic fare & activity is of interest, then unapologetically, guiltlessly indulges with gusto. So long as it involves mutual participation. If one feels an obsessive compulsion, it is ritualized to materialize.

Recurring nightmares.

The mental exercise of lucidreaming may alleviate imbalanced dreams with active control.

Drug and alcohol involvement, particularly hallucinogenics such as LSD and PCP, also known as angel dust. PCP use may be evidenced by violent behavior.

Narcotic substances distort perception, numb the senses, and destroy the body. A such, the Satanist does not tend to partake in that which destroys the self.

Secretive or reclusive behavior that goes beyond what is normal for the age group and for the person.

Secrets are empowering, as well as one has the absolute birthright to keep whatever secrets one desires, as it needs concern no one else. Those in artistic occupations tend to be reclusive for the crafting of one's art; as a matter of fact, it is mandatory for meditation and creativity. Those of higher intelligence tend towards more advanced studies beyond that of so-called "peers", whose only relativity is mere irrelevant chronology. Pursue that which is of interest and matches your level of genius.

Talk of sacrifice.

Only in the sense of the justified destruction of a pest through a Curse. Who have essentially presented themselves for annihilation by their own masochistic actions. Justice & Revenge. Sufficient sacrificial force may be generated by one's own intense emotional energy, hatred, Lust and orgasmic drive, grief, and greed.

Any talk of rituals or secret meetings. One of the ways in which dangerous groups are defined is that they meet in secret and the leaders are unknown and their theology is secret.

As with any religion, there is a right to privacy. Where the uneducated, unfamiliar, or untrained are disallowed. Mind your own business.

Fascination with fire.

A natural primal fascination with myriad applications. If one finds oneself drawn to the flames, perhaps become a firefighter or pyrotechnician for Heavy Metal bands! Fire corresponds with Satan, & is utilized with candles to represent the flames of Hell.

Blood addiction.

The physical drawing of blood, as per Vampirism, is unnecessary. For the true essence is the prana energy of the donor or victim, which is naturally replenished for further feeding. On the other hand, blood fetishism is the erotic arousal of drawing &/or giving blood, which is permissible so long as it is a mutual indulgence.

Self-mutilation, actually cutting into the flesh. Early involvement may be evidenced by drawing on of symbols that can be washed off before going home.

Self-mutilation as compulsion is a mental health issue, which stems from trauma, to divert attention by physical pain. While ritualistic scarring, tattooing, piercing evolved from Pagan traditions to achieve a state of ecstasy, and otherwise assert various symbology for stratification, lineage, and achievement.

Scarring between the thumb and first finger or across the wrist, or an old wound that has been reopened. Fresh blood must be drawn for many satanic rituals.

Incorrect. Contents of The Chalice Of Ecstasy is seldom if ever blood, unless the practitioner wishes to add it thereunto, which even then would be their own if they so choose, but it is not mandatory.



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