September 19th, 2021


The Devil's Mirror medallion


BMagenta BaphometBy demon claws and dragon wings, I was pleased to receive the Devil's Mirror medallion, black on reddish-purple {magenta/fuchsia} likened the coloration of the Baphomet on The Satanic Bible. Similar to the hellishly malefic mix of red & blacklights. According to The Devil's Shadowheel {Dracomeroth}, useful for Satanic Lust, & ideal for mesmerism & pendulum applications, if so inclined.

As per the name, the medallion is highly reflective, heavily sturdy, in a nice size. Imagine another color combination design on the other side! Like a 2/1 pendant likened the double-sided Camazotz trapezoid.

P.S. Stemming from the order on 9/11, with deep regards to Mgr. Frost's birthday & in the wake of he & Zoe's anniversary. Hail Satan!