September 16th, 2021


Star Wars meets Xena meets Wonder Woman


Princess WarriorA rather mediocre film fitting the "schlock" genre with gratuitous {though appreciated} nudity, attractive 'actresses', porno-grade acting, amusing discontinuities, and stock footage. But it looks like it may have been great fun making. Overall, the impression derived is that of a film class project, almost like a Chiodo Bros. feel. A film version of a "demo". Star Wars meets Xena meets Wonder Woman.

When the queen of a veritable 'paradise island' planet called Vulkaria lays dying, she chooses her younger daughter Ovule instead of the oldest Curette, due to her whoring ways, which causes deep contention, as sibling rivalry takes a lethal turn, prompting the princess to escape to earth through a teleportation pod {wherein riders have to be nude}. Her sister pursues her where they all emerge at a wetshirt contest. Of note, the pervasive misandry of Curette.

Ovule develops a relationship with generic "Bob", a preppie type. Some of the other ladies from Vulkaria eventually materialize themselves to earth, rescuing their new queen. Thus teleported back, they are to reign as King & Queen, and populate the planet. Now the only man, will have a hell of a time doing so!

The girls have a rock chick aesthetic, one "Exzema" with a very appealing Lita Ford appearance. The only thing that could have made this movie better is a rock / metal soundtrack. It's like the producers of Crue's Looks That Kill made a whole movie, presented in a rock video style. Fun for background with libations and salacious company. [2/5]