August 13th, 2021


RESURRECTION ⸸Knights Templar⸸


R_acrosticRise from the dead & become reborn
Breath of the Devil, alive in Satan
Unholy water upon thy brow
The flames of Hades burn in your eyes...
in your eyes... in your eyes...

The year is 1331
Secluded Temple in the woods
Bizarre French Abbey covered in ivy
Wealth & riches dwell within
Jocques DeMolay presiding
Baphomet-Satan reigns supreme
Unholy kingdom, Palace of Sin
Orgies, banquets, pleasures of life
Joyous frivolity under the knife
Blaspheming the crucifix
Exalting The Pentagram
Cult of the flesh
Travelling on the Devil's Pass...

Ceremony of the Stifling Air
Enter into the coffin
Awaken unto your true self
Emerge anew, a Knight Templar
Renounce the foolishness of the past
Now god is dead & Satan lives
Immortal fierce Satanic Pride
Rob the martyrs of their souls
Break the arms of the cross
Laugh aloud, sardonic wrath
Baptism in the bloodbath...

King Phillip IV feared for his throne
Pope Clement V prayed to his god
Templars brought before the court
Accused of heresy & witchcraft
Convicted by ignorance
Sentenced to burn at the stake
DeMolay speaks grim words of curse...

"Death to the tyrant! And unto the hypocrites! My death foretells My return... the flames shall set Me free! My shadow will cover this land once again. & bring you pain & agony...!"

The King suffered a horrible fate
Royal blood shed on the chopping block
The Pope fell down the steps of his chapel
Plunged to his death with no-one the wiser
Ghostly laughter from beyond the grave
Resounds through the abandoned castle
Dark visaged phantom still roams the abbey
Smiling reminder of DeMolay

A poetic recounting of the events which occurred in 1331 with the secret society of The Knights Templar, and the betrayal of the puppet-Pope and King of the time.


masonic boyscouts


Offers papermill degrees that if you pay enough, anybody can get one, and is certainly no indication of true capability. Just like all those other blindlighter shitpapers of whatever denomination. Overall worthless, and a waste of time and money. Brainwashing kids into the cult. As far as these clubs are concerned, the ones that need it most can't afford it!

This one is for a scam outfit called "DeMolay International", and by all indications, it's like the boyscouts or Y, but run by the masons, the 'mystic xians', like Kabbalists are to jews, and mooselame sufis. Applying some Solomonic elements. Yet another outmoded subculture catering to weak crutchers who run their organizations on nepotism and false accomplishment. It's really all just showbiz after all, also considering Disney, Wayne, even Larry Wilcox were a part of it!

They were a step for Satanism in evolution, but have outlived their purpose, and are nothing more than social clubs with a medieval theme. They are certainly not The Knights Templar, but some sort of holy wateredown costume play withe same general christarded foolosophies and idiotologies. It might actually be yet another "grooming" system for molesters. "Big brother" type of set up. Lame.

On the other hand, OUR CHURCH has L'Air Epais as part of The Canon. A truer expression of the legacy of DeMolay, in the relation of the history of The Knights Templar, as well as the evilution of individuals honestly living as real Satanists, heralding Baphomet and the pentagram in honest depiction, uncorrupted by the blindlight. Hail Satan!

Knight Templar

Amusingly, Village xian school has an ironic mascot that I now recognize as a Templar Knight. So it seems that Satan has been there all along after all.