August 5th, 2021

maze, baphomet, technomancy

Made in Hell

From the Depths, presented in Hellegant black boxes are contained "Hell Forged Steel", still brimming with Hades' flames.

  • The 'black steel' Lucifer medallion complements the bloodred Cloisonné Lilith medallion in a sexquisite Dracomnium dynamic, asserting & enhancing the conjoined lustful polarities of The Baphomet enthroned.

  • The blacksteel Pentagrammon festooned with silver chainlink necklace hooked about the top 2 angles of the horns of Satan grants a potent arcane ritualistic impression.

  • The Lilith medallion materializes with a rich deep red coloration, nicely reflective of the energy invoked. Ideal for Lust rituals & ceremonies, venturing forth during the rite, & lucidream projection.

  • The Lucifer banner is perfectly placed at the appropriate hellemental point for Chamber empowerment. It behooves the serious Satanic Sorcerer to also add the sigil of Belial, and Leviathan which may also be represented by the Necronomicon sigil.

The detail & quality of the medallions & pendants are always exquisite, plus I would love to see larger options available.