August 3rd, 2021


Satantric Sacraments: Unholy Baptism & Cummunion

For those who are either very experienced or for initiation of coven acolytes, &/or lovers with as many of those as are preferred and mutually indulgent. Baptismal option may be by one or several participants. Partake in The Devil's Lusts!

  • Consult The Satanic Bible for preliminary invocations & Dracomeroth {Satanasutra text} for ritualistic indications.
  • Infernal Names: 4-Crown with Lilith, Hecate, Aphrodite, Hathor, Pan, Dionysus, Asmodeus.
  • Vestments {coloration}: red, purple, & black. {Material}: sheer, velvet, silk. Fetishistic attire, sexy nuns, Halloween characters, Greeks & Romans, lingerie, nude, cloaks & capes for women, robes, clerical, or demonic costumes for men.
  • Incense: Dragon's Blood, rose, sinamon.
  • Candles: Primarily red/purple human figure or genitalia-shaped, or pillar candles. Scented should be of a sweetly confectionary nature.
  • Oil: Lotion or oils of a sweet confectionary nature.
  • Nectar: Red wine or absinthe.
  • Symbol of Lilith worn upon vestments &/or framed upon the wall, &/or worn as amulets by women, symbol of Lucifer / Satan by men.
  • Musick: Erotic, slow, & grinding nature. Classical & Metal selections Dracommended. What is pleasing to those present.
  • Optional: A kneeler, which may be suitably replaced by cushions.

{7th Key in Enochian while tracing Trapezoidal Gate with Sword, Phallus, or Staff. Gesticulate Kish &/or Sulfur sigil with lefthand counterclockwise. Replace upon Altar}

Praised be The Whore of Babylon! Queen of Delights who rides upon The Great Drægon Beast! She cums forth from Hell in glory and splendor arrayed with the elements of her Passion! She brings forth the fires of Lust, burning away perfidious ignorance with infernal enlightenment, ignited upon every loin and desire! She makes way to reveal & indulge the darkest secrets of every beast! She comes forth to possess the mind & body to incarnate the incubus & succubus of every man and woman! Enter this vessel! Shemhamforash! Hail Lilith! Hail Satan!

{Note: Baptism may occur as a result of Cummunion. Sometimes 1st & 2nd may overlap. "In nomine Satanas / Lilitu, Potentiam Inferus!" stated after each application accompanied by Signum Pentaculum}

Unholy Baptism

  • 1st Baptism: Face. Pentagram traced upon forehead & lips.
  • 2nd Baptism: Breasts. Pentagram traced between breasts.
  • 3rd Baptism: Upon pubic mound. Pentagram traced thereon.
  • 4th Baptism: Posterior. Pentagram traced above cleft.
Unholy Cummunion
  • 1st Cummunion: Oral. Dæmonseed swallowed entirely, &/or applied for 1st & 2nd Baptism.
  • 2nd Cummunion: Vaginal. Introitus. May accompany 3rd Baptism.
  • 3rd Cummunion: Anal. May accompany 4th Baptism.
{Close ceremony with 7th Key in native language. Conclude as customary}