July 31st, 2021


Horror & Satantric days & nights of the week


Days are to be named the following in accordance with Satanic, Gothic, Satantric and horror sensibilities.


  • Malefick Moonday.
  • Terror Tuesday.
  • Wicked Wednesday.
  • Thriller Thursday.
  • Frightful Friday {Frightday}
  • Satanic Saturday {Satanday}
  • Sinful Sunday {Sinday}
  • Ménage à Trois / Makeout Moanday
  • Tempting Tuesday
  • Women Wednesday
  • Threesome Thursday
  • Fetish / Fellatio Friday
  • Sexual Saturday
  • Semen / Sinday 69

The year shall begin on Ye Vernal Equinox of March 21st in accordance with Nature, & February 1st.

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winged skull, vampire, predator

The Drægon Awakens


Timeless... eternal...
The Drægon Awakens
Immortal... Infernal...
The Duskening Horizon
Leathern wings extending
Arising... surmounting
Echoes from The Pit!
Hail Mighty Drægon!
The lightning strikes!
Thunder from The Black Abyss
Quaking, cracking
Coursing the Wicked Whirlwinds
Demons to the skies
Darkening the day to night!
Ancient omnipotence
Hellfire in thine eyes
Leviathan and Tiamat
Cthulhu of the Deep
By thine burning shadow blaze
Cast the mortal minds in haze
Hades here to stay!
Equinox & Solstice thrall
Presence possessing all
Hellemental chaos flux
Brother Dæmon Drægon reborn
Of Blackened thorn & shadow horn
Nocturnal treasures keep
Occultic secrets reap
Within thy dark embrace
Behold The Drægon's face!
Bestow Satanic Grace

This is the night Satan has made! Let us be joyful and glad in it!