July 21st, 2021

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Ramenudo & Devil's Kiss


Menudo is basically pork entrails, or "gut soup", while the porkrinds serve as "skin". Add {chicken, pork, beef} heart if desired. And pork has always been considered unholy by blindlighters.

It has been mused that the word "men" is contained in the title, which can perhaps be singularized to "hu/man", alluding to cannibalism. Think Matamoros. {literal translation: "killer of moors", so Vlad Dracula could technically be referred to as such!}

  • Ingredients: 1 serving of ramenoodles {flavor to preference}. 1 can of menudo to preference. Redhot cheetos {or regular}. Porkrinds. 2 eggs. Splash of beer if desired.
  • Directions: Place ramen in a bowl submerged in menudo. Sprinkle redhot cheetos &/or porkrinds on top {or may be added after heating - note: rinds will snap, crackle, pop!}. Add 2 raw eggs. Microwave or stovetop. Add torntillas, &/or Doritos, and/or buttered muffins on the side, or a sandwitch.

Devil's Kiss

{Deviled peanut butter, jelly & cheese}.

The redhot Cheetos are the spicy 'devil' part, the 'kiss' are the Hershey kisses, & the overall confection is highly indulgent! Best served with coffee, milk, or cereal. Enjoy.

  • Ingredients: Peanut butter {chunky or smooth}, jelly/jam {favored flavor}, slice of cheese {whatever type}, peanuts {to preference}, Hershey kisses {or Reese's}, redhot cheetos.
  • Directions: Apply nutter as base to one side, press redhot cheetos, nuts, & kisses into nutterbutter, cover with sliced cheese. Apply jelly to other slice, and apply to other bread slice.