July 9th, 2021


⸸ Satan's Pitchfork Crossroads ψ


Hecate...! Hecate...! Hecate...! Hecate...!

Hellscape Highway 666
In the burning wasteland
In the valley of the shadow of death
I fear no evil for Satan is with Me
Underneath Hecate's light
To The Crossroads... on Walpurgisnight & Halloween
Inverted crossroads to see The Devils rise
The willows blow in the demonwinds
They point the way to The Abyss
Twisted arms and claws reach for your soul
Whispering and wailing
The damned call out your name
trapped inside the trees, for the test
The killer's bones are swaying
Hand of Glory glows
Hellantern leads to the carven spot
Trace The Pentagram in the center soil
There you will say the words and pour the blood
Until you feel the hoofbeats
The blasting winds, they start of flow
The quaking earth, the shadow comes
Red eyes emerge, flickering coal
A lightning strike, the darkness grows
The moon reflects a grinning skull
You speak your wish & seal The Pact
So it is done!
Born... at The Crossroads
The Gate of Hecate's keep
Marked your destiny as The Devil's own
Sacrificial grave is buried deep
Go forth upon the earth
Infernal Throne, Majesty's seat!

Hecate...! Hecate...! Hecate...! Hecate...!

{Crossroads may make for an ideal outdoor ritual area, ceremonial grounds, especially by a tree, wherein litany from The Satanic Bible may be spoken, both as a formative initiation, Baptism, and subsequent rites of darkness}