May 11th, 2021


Nightmare Before xmas tarot

Nightmare Before xmas tarotA 78 standard-sized card deck with a plethora of marvelous art on one side, and a Haunted Mansion-esque wallpaper design on the other. Renaming the Wands, Cups, Swords & Pentacles suits to Candles, Presents, Needles & Potions, now one can read this oracle with an enhanced appreciation for this favorite timeless Halloween / Winter Solstice themed presentation. The artistry itself is worth the possession, wherein it can be foreseeably placed within a photo book for perusal, if so inclined.

Taking a contemplative look about Halloweentowne, all of the characters are 'present' herein... from Jack & Sally, the vampires to the witches, werewolf to trick-or-treaters Lock, Shock, & Barrel, and everyone in-between. The Devil card is represented as Oogie Boogie, Death as cemetery gates, The Wheel of Fortune as the roulette wheel, and The Tower as Jack's Lair to name a few.

As per ordering option, the instruction manual can be ordered printed or accessed as a .pdf file online. Booklet option Dracommended.

For those who adore the film, and the art of Tim Burton, this deck is a treasure trove of trick or treat delights.

There is a rare, unfortunately out-of-print SATAN'S TAROT deck in existence, but it is interesting that a tarot deck has not yet been created comprising The Infernal Names, with the Major Arcana suits of SATAN {Fire}, LUCIFER {Air}, BELIAL {Earth}, LEVIATHAN {Water}, which can then be cast in The Pentarot method.