May 5th, 2021


Mansfield 6667


DOCumentary on Satanic Witch Jayne Mansfield's rise to stardom, on the hell heels of Mae West, with a primary focus on her involvement with LaVey & The Church of Satan. The proof is all there in photographic and documented evidence. Her impact on & the utilization of the feminine mystique which ran counterculture to homogenized enmasculated hippie variants - 2 sides of the same coin.*

Includes interviews with avant-garde filmaker Kenneth Anger {LaVey contemporary & friend}, Peaches christ {dragqueen entertainer}, Tippi Hedren {'The Birds' actress who adopted Togare into her Shambala preserve animal park sanctuary}, Mamie Van Doren {Mansfield contemporary & friend}, John Waters {makes a surprisingly ignorant, if not frightened, nervous statement about disbelieving her membership in The Church, stating the devil worship stereotype of animal sacrifice}; plus several other actors, artists.

Also includes many rare photographs of her posing with The Black Pope in her ritual chamber at her total environment Pink Palace, and the sacrifice Sam Brody who met his justified doom, plus elucidating clips from Satanis, which speak for themselves and balances our philosophical perspective.

Of major contention, it is reiterated that The Curse was placed upon the disrespectful, abusive Brody, a lout, boor, and boozehound, who was blackmailing Jayne to stay with him, censoring her comments, while she was repeatedly warned to stay away from him on ground zero. Even the event of the newsclipping is related.**

Chapter segments segue into artistic license dance pieces with dancers dressed in period 'costumes', with music & vocals of a rather dissonant nature; at one point including a devilish dancer with horn sculpted hair.

Of special note, a wonderful satanimation short illustrating LaVey's compassion ritual of Jayne's son Zoltan who was mauled at Jungleland Park in Thousand Oaks CA, performed atop a mountain under the moon, of which he fully recovered.

Satanic soulmates? LaVey & Mansfield complement eachother well. She, the sexy glamor girl, He, the Devil as a gentleman. Her persona unsuspectedly graced with a talent for the violin, learned in five languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian, with an IQ of 163.

Overall, more often than not, the urban legends turn out to be true in this case, with some added minor [incorrect] details according to the personal notions of erstwhile antagonists. [4/5]

* as in the futile "let me combat your discrimination with my own", instead of individualism & consideration based on merit. Same goes for racism, religion, said gender, etc., which are all crutches of the weak.
** LaVey was clipping a news article on The Church for preservation in a scrapbook, while on the other side was a picture of Jayne he inadvertently cut through, across her neck!