April 24th, 2021

Hell Gate

The Unholy Triad



So far, the closest analysis to describe a purported "Satanic", or "evil gene" personality type is referred to as "The Dark Triad" in the psychological field thusfar. A veritable Unholy Trinity. It certainly seems to describe most tell-tale signs. These trinary personality significators represent the following characteristics "devil marked" by 666.

By the helix of Nature, further Occultivated by nurturing the darkness within.

6. Narcissism: Grandiosity [✔], pride [✔], egotism [✔], lack of empathy. The former sensibly for antagonists or strangers. One must never extend empathy to enemies or unknowns. On the other hand, full consideration and protection for allies & worthy family. A healthy Ego is championed in Satanism as a prideful perspective of Self.

6. Machiavellianism: Manipulation & exploitation of others [✔] {in the sense of entertainment, and the dynamics of herd interaction, such as with Lesser Magic applications, psychological manipulation to gain selfish desires}, absence of "morality" [✔] {Ethics preferred. So-called "morality" is religiously-based attached to an agenda. Ironically, "morality" is Machiavellian in the sense that it is used by blindlight religionists for the manipulation of simpleton sheeple through propaganda}, unemotional callousness {only towards those to whom one is unconcerned, or hated}, high level of self-interest {naturally & sensibly. One must be kind to oneself 1st, then to those deserving through merit}.

6. Psychopathy/Sociopathy: Continuous antisocial behavior {not gratuitously, but only when necessary to rid oneself of harmful elements, as in certain people & rebellion to ensure autonomy & liberation. Therefore in this sense, it would be more appropriate to say 'sociopathic' in the practice of misanthropy, to preserve oneself against negative traits while retaining undefiled perspective; whereas "psychopathy" ['cold-blooded'] may be employed to gain revenge & justice}, impulsivity {strike while he iron's hot!, while maintaining appropriate cause & effect direction, and otherwise on a more primal level, unapologetically obtaining resources for oneself and loved ones}, selfishness {natural self-interest to ensure survival and pleasure}, callous and unemotional traits {towards enemies or unknowns}, remorselessness {upon achieving vengeance & justice, and the protection of self and loved ones}.

Also keep in mind that these analyses were intended to comprehend some hithertofor (the masses) considerations. The 99%, rather than the elite 1%.

Perhaps because of the split psycho/sociopathological elements, it may be significant of a trapezoid after all.

Furthermore, these traits are filtered & balanced by the guidelines of The Satanic Statements, Rules, & Sins {LaVey}, additionally including My own Dictums & Sins. {Dracomeroth}