March 14th, 2021

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Apollonius x!

ϟINDAY ϟERMON: 'jesus' is a compendium of urban legends which several self-proclaimed messiahs sought to embody and live out the 'prophesies', utilizing every trick in the book to fool the rabble into beLIEving the purported miracles. A major contender was one Apollonius of Tyana, although it seems the opposing more exploitable doppelganger was more akin to the manipulatable dogma of Roman Catholic religionists to control the impressionable masses.

While there certainly are instances of the supernatural or paranormal to bring about desired results, the alleged incidents related seem more basically rooted through sleight of hand. For instance,

* Feeding the multitudes amounts to rehydrating cracker thin dried fish to expand from a condensed basket.
* Turning water into wine amounts to depositing powder into barrels of water like so much punch.
* Raising the dead 'necromancy' amounts to administering medicinal herbs to initiate a coma in the recent subject {whose 'technology' of the time would not have detected}, to return to consciousness in 3 days. {In typical hypocrisy, doodooronomy states this as a no-no}
* Healing the sick could have been actors, much like current evangelist sheisters, and otherwise placebos for temporary apparent healing by way of adrenalin proliferation, and otherwise motivation for the diseased to heal themselves. No external intervention.

Unlike most peasants, jesus had an education from rabbis, supposedly traveled extensively in the unflattering, excised "missing years" from the common Nicene babble {see Apocrypha} according to some scriptures, like the other trickster moses educated in Egypt {see the X Excrements, Devil's Scroll}, so it would have been a small task to convince the simps of erstwhile divine powers. This would be a lesser magic application.

Fete Diaboli

HELLENT: If so inclined, include fish, then 'defile' it with ham, bacon, etc. {pork}. I find this combination even more deviliciously blasphemous than merely eating all meat.

maze, baphomet, technomancy

Satanic Panic addendum

“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” ― T.S. Eliot

ϟINDAY ϟERMON: Overall, no real witches or warlocks were ever tortured, burned on the pyre, or hanged at the gallows. The white wolves præy/ed {and continue to} upon their own sheeple congregations, the mentally ill, handicapped, brainwashing the impressionable, the uneducated, erroneously translating their conditions as demonically inspired. Whether it was for the intent to rape, steal treasures & property for themselves and/or the church, and destroy indigenous cultures.

Abrahamic psychopathy

* The "Holy wars": the type fight amongst themselves, which became more political than religious.
* The Inquisition: Psychologically and physically tormenting to attain ill-gotten gains.
* The Satanic Panic: Agenda-fueled presuppositions enforced upon the gullible, spreading social paranoia for profit & the illusion of validity. Cycling patterns in their corrupt history, counting on profiting from hysterics, by propagating a victim mentality.

Scapegoating: Urban legends created to distract from their own deeds of same; and/or blamed upon pagans. Sometimes mimicked by those emerging from their own religious background. Cultural traditions were inverted and modified to portray diabolical characterizations in order to control the masses with fear, and otherwise empty promises of unnecessary "salvation" from proposed terrors of Hell.

The heading quote denotes perhaps an original intent, warped by repressed human nature, and otherwise perpetrated by those of unscrupulous disposition. Used to justify all manner of despicable behavior. Though useful in primitive cultures, Blindlight religions are a failed experiment, since proliferating archaic attitudes, moralisms, and mandates which only devolve civilization.

Though sometimes theatrically & aesthetically inspiring and/or entertaining, historical depictions are used for our purposes. True Warlocks & Witches have always remained clandestine throughout history, moving the world by covert means, Magically and psychologically. And like the serpent who has shed his skin, former masked organizations have been cast off to emerge triumphant as Satanists in this age of Fire! And thus, has The Church of Satan been established.

"Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!" Statement IX

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