November 17th, 2020

⸸ South of Heaven ψ

1. Peach cobbler: Yes, Delicious! Probably acquired from the discount rack.
2. Chicken & dumplings: Yes. Delicious!
3. Cornbread: Yes, love it! With a dab of butter.
4. Gumbo: It's okay.
5. Chicken fried steak: Absolutely love it! Also tried chicken fried pork, and meatloaf.
6. hushpuppies: Yes. Probably 1st tried it with Ma at the fish'n'chips place across the street from Hughes.
7. Pickled pigs feet: Yes, but preferably cooked & warm.
8. Tomato sandwich: Sure, I've placed a tomato between two pieces of bread, with cheese & mayo before.
9. Hoppin' John: I have, but didn't know it was called that, I just instinctively put that together!
10: Liver mush: It's liverwurst, and I love it!
11. Red beans & rice: Like hoppin' john, I just looked through some cans and put this combination together one day.
12. Fatback: Probably. I love all sorts of pork, and it's the fat that gives it flavor.
13. Fried bologna: It's happened. Great with cheesemelt and tortugas!
14. Chitlins: Nascent in menudo, so definitely, and I love menudo!
15. Butter beans: Love it! I love all sorts of beans, and have tried several varieties according to what was in cans at the time. The "juice" is delicious!
16. Deviled eggs: But of course! A veritable specialty of mine!
17. "Po' boys" {"poor boys?"}: That is to say, hoagies, subs, et al {and I love subs!}, so yes, a definite favorite! Especially with au-jus sauce!