November 13th, 2020



Arcane Secrets Baphomet collection


3113 Arrival of 2 remarkable Baphomet medallions.

  • VI. Marking The Hellevation, the All Unhallow's Evil Baphomet in shadowy orange background infernalit with hellfired eyes and לִוְיָתָן‎ LVTHN Ktav Ashuri symbols. Being that I have always felt most drawn to this unholyday as core, a tribute to the ultimate darketype, as a veritable nativity. Hellmarked with Devil's date & Pentabolt with Sulphur sigil on the reverse, now complements credential.
  • VI. 'Arcane Secrets' Nightglow Baphomet. Blood orange & jade in a sea of vanta black, or shadowmantium. A Baphomet plaque with nightglow properties would be magnificent!
  • VI. Drægon Baphomet magnet. Gracious complementary 'baddie'. The basilisk entwined round the sigil in malefic repose, gracing Beelzebub's throne. Other baddies include Black Pope LaVey throne painting & Blackhouse watercolor cards.