October 15th, 2020




The Worst Witch

It is easy to note the heavy influence this film had on JK Rowling, but the more the better in the world! The idea of a witchcraft school is one that has always held a fascination.

The school is basically like Hogwarts, complete with uniforms. When bullied, little awkward Mildred Hubble's burgeoning latent powers rise to the surface, while the bully gets what she deserves in being transformed into the pig she is, just bringing what's inside out! Then she even goes out of her way to change her back as she's pestering the whole time!

She's eventually reprimanded for leaving the premises without permission, but is excused when it's discovered that she captured some wicked witches out on the other side of the mountain, who have been plotting to take over the school, threatening to turn everybody into frogs! However, they themselves are turned into snails by Mildred and brought to the headmistress' office, played by Charlotte Rae {Facts of Life}, who also plays her wicked sister witch!

As to the title, seems Mildred Hubble has made some mistakes, but sometimes a "late bloomer" becomes the best of all when they finally bloom. All those qualities of hexcellence just needed more time to develop.

This presentation features Fairuza Balk {The Craft, Valmont}, & Tim Curry as The Grand Wizard! He swoops in on Halloween night to join the celebrations, performing an enchanting tune. He makes a wisely poignant observation that [paraphrased] true Witchcraft always lives inside the Witch.

The Wickedest Witch
[Narrated by Burgess Meredith]

Rue McClanahan {Blanche Devereaux, The Golden Girls} as a Sorceress! Avarissa The Witch! She's stuck in a subterranean cavern kingdom inhabited by greevils, small dragon-like creatures, one of whom really sounds like ALF! She consults a mechanized oracle consulting machine "Schtick" resembling Mel Brookes in speech, divulging that in order to get out of there, she has to get a child to commit an evil act, but the boy found by a smarter greevil refuses to commit [mean] acts to hurt any of them, ending up shattering Avarissa's staff scepter instead! Which means that she has to stay down there for another long period of time! He ends up going home due to a wish placed on a rock intended to save the greevil while out and about up in the mortal world.

The Trouble with Miss Switch

An alluring Witch stands in as a substitute teacher to gain the cooperation of two of her students Rupert & Amelia. Rupert has computer knowledge that is needed to defeat antagonist wicked witch Saturna, who desires that Ms. Switch be relegated to the dark forest. So they have to apply all their knowledge of computers to convince a computer witch robot judge of her innocence.

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Sinners are winners!

Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification! [VIII]

temptationITEM: Hypocrite blindlighteretard pays demonatrices for blasphemous intercourse filmed on desecrated church altar

As per disposition, in a Messe Noir dynamic, the domanatrices {or 'demonatrices'} are veritable succubi taking this opportunity to deface a blindlight sanctuary while being paid for the pleasure! Sweet Salacious sacrilege! The film will be made available for viewing in the future.

The douchebag priest is just a means to and end, allowing full access as he allows his lusts to flow free. These are consenting participants, and The Devil had his way that day! This is a preliminary principle of Satantra, as writ in Satanasutra {Dracomeroth}.

\,,/ Well done, ladies! Take that which tempts whenever you can, and sin well! HAIL SATAN!