October 6th, 2020


Haunted Westerfield House


This investigative "team" goes to San Francisco's historic Westerfield House, where certain rituals were performed by Anton LaVey, Kenneth Anger and company {c. Magic Circle}, while Togare visited as well - his clawmarks still embedded into the wall posts!

Their job is to merely record, amateurs at best, the activities of Sorcerers {the real authorities} and the creation of, and coalescence with, prospected entities.

Now occupied by tenants who report regular paranormal anomalies, the house features a central tower where the rituals were cast, while Kenneth Anger confirms and recounts some of the nefarious events that occurred there, affirming there is most likely residual demonic energy still lingering therein. Although the place was also used previously for Magic, relating that a circle was found when they began their practice.

Videographers attempt to initiate a response by pretentiously performing The Rite of The Opening of The Gates straight out of The NECRONOMICON. While it is a veritable prop to complement Lovecraftiana, it is based upon an actual pantheon of demons and gods with methods of invocation, ergo, adding validity as a grimoire, as a framework for thoughtform projection.

At one point the participants are drawn of energy, when something extracts lifeforce for materialization, which seemingly subsequently occurs. The probable reason why increased energy was detected in the foundation of the house is due to incremental rising of force from an earthward source {or "Hell"?}, each gate acting like a veritable step stair of energetic ascension.

Overall, the 'investigation' yields a toppled camera, flickering lights, drained batteries, sudden unexplained noises, a floating translucent "veil", and what sound like voices, translated through a machine that approximates words, and perhaps a presence lingering about the tower area, both within the room and apparently encircling above. Another device attempts to place form onto mass. What is detected is something that resembles a humanoid form that transforms into a four-legged beast. While one of them claims to have seen LaVey on the stairs!

Determination is that this location is indeed haunted.