September 22nd, 2020

winged skull, vampire, predator

Witchy Æsthetic Asks

Herb garden
if you could grow anything from a seed, what would it be?
House cat
if you had a familiar, what animal would it be?
Serpent. have had several. Otherwise, demonic dogs, cats, even spiders.
Worry stone
what do you do when you're anxious?
Ritualize if necessary. Otherwise take care of the problem ASAP through practical, albeit often unconventional means.
Silver rings
are you a collector? If so, what do you collect?
All manner of Occult and horror related arcana multimedia. Action figures, three-dimensional darketypal representations.
are you a good liar?
Lavender tea
what do you think of gossip?
A crutch of the weak. Petty uneducated "opinions" based on ignorance, presumptuous, insecure emotional reactions. Small-minded cretins with nothing better to do.
Beeswax candle
have you ever been stung by a bee? How did it happen, if so?
Yes. Was taking a drink of soda during lunchtime at VCHS when a bee had entered therein, stinging My inner lip. Spat it out immediately, did not hurt at all, and continued business as usual.
if you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be right now?
European Mansion, castle, chateau.
Heeled boots
does your height match the way you see yourself?
More or less.
Bottle vase
what is your favourite flower, and why?
Dracondia. Named after The Dragon, with darkly gothic coloration, and a scent that attracts meals to its leaves.
which planet or star feels like yours? (just go with it)
Earth, moon, and Pluto.
Garden snakes
What's something other people are afraid of that you are not?
Wide-brimmed hat
is there a perfect item of clothing you've been scouring for?
VENOM Welcome To Hell/Black Metal, BATHORY, Levi Sabbatic Baphomet, shall be mine again!
Sea glass
have you ever found something amazing?
Certain vistas, Magical responses, progression of thought manifestation, multiple orgasms.
Painted gourd
what is your favourite thing you've ever made?
My books primarily, then the arts & crafts of Satan's Ouija, The Satanic Runes. I made a sawblade flail.
Leather journal
how do you document your memories?
Diary herein for the most part, then secret entries in My Black Book of Shadows.
Pocketed dress
is there something you take with you everywhere? If not, is there something you wish you could take with you everywhere?
Pendants, rings, Satanic Rosary, Satanic Bible.
Star charts
how often do you think about the future? Are you a planner or do you wing it?
From time to time, especially those on My "to do" list. Planned when ritualized, otherwise let synchronicity flow.

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🍁Autumn Asks 🍂

1. Apple pie: what’s cooking? (Or planned to cook?)

Harvest Feast of The Beast. Must contain corn, pork or beef, potatoes, a plethora of vegetables.

2. Chilly air: are you a warm weather or cold weather person?

Definitely a COLD weather person, and Nocturnal. It seems that I'm even allergic to heat and sunlight.

3. Misty mornings: what time do you wake up? What for?

Varies according to temperature. Warmer weather tends to make Me want to sleep more often, while cooler weather energizes Me.

4. Oversized sweaters: what sweater weather outfit are you looking forward to wearing?

I enjoy wearing My trenchcoat and turtleneck combination.

5. Carved pumpkins: what holidays (popular or pagan) are you celebrating this fall?

Autumn Equinox & HALLOWEEN.

6. Ghost stories: what books are you reading?

The Satanic Warlock, Testament, Satanic Bible.

7. Hot coffee: what’s your drink this fall?

Butterscotch/chocolate Coffee!

8. Cold hands: anyone to hold them?

Not really.

9. Spooky shadows: any increased spiritual activity?

YES. All the time, actually.

10. Crunchy leaves: what’s your favorite noise/sound to hear?

Orgasmic pangs of bliss.

11. Scented candles: 5 favorite smells you love? Clean clothes {detergent}, Dragon's Blood incense/oil, leather, petrichor, biblichor, Dark Temptation.

12. Hurricanes: what do you do on rainy days?

Read, Tarot, draw. Sometimes weightlift.

13. Cinnamon: what are your favorite spices?

Allspice, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, brown sugar, seasoned salt.

14. Boots: Favorite pair of shoes/boots you own? Black leather steeltoe.

15. Monster masks: what’s your makeup/morning routine?

Signum Pentaculum, coffee, pastry, greet the night. At dawn, digest dinner, Signum Pentaculum, sleep.

16 Black cat: what pets do you have/want?

I feed several cats in the vicinity who were born on this property. I'd like to eventually adopt a black bull-mastiff, doberman, black Rottweiler.

17. September: What’s your favorite kind of weather?

Foggy, windy, stormy.

18. October: Did you go trick-or-treating on Halloween when you were younger?

Most definitely! The funnest night of the year for Me!

19. Pumpkins: Have you ever carved a jack-o-lantern?

Every year, sometimes 2! Won a pumpkin carving contest once!

20. Leaves: When the leaves change, what color looks the prettiest?

Brown & orange.

21. Rain: Do you wear a Raincoat or carry an Umbrella?

Umbrella. I already tend to wear a trenchcoat.

22. Caramel Apples: Favorite Halloween candy?

chocomallow, snickers, rice crispies.

23.Candles: What’s your favorite way to cozy up on a rainy autumn day?

Naked under thick blankets!

24. Pumpkin Pie: Share your favorite autumn recipe.

25. Apple Cider: Do you drink your apple cider hot or cold?


26. Wind: Have you ever been outside your own country during Autumn? Tell us about your experience.

Snails are all over the place in Italy, covering the ground everywhere you walk, especially in rainy weather. So I was careful not to step on them, while the donor seemed to almost crunch them under foot.

27. Books: What was the last book you read?

Testament of ASLV.

28. Socks: What kind of socks do you like? Do you wear matching socks, fuzzy socks, tall socks, or no socks?

Black socks that go from mid-shin to knee.

29. Coat: Is Autumn your favorite season?

YES! Wait all year for it! Revel in it!

30. Jacket: how do you feel about pumpkin flavoured things in general?

Love it!

31. Gloves: Is the weather finally feeling more like autumn where you are now?

Almost, but moreso at night.

32. Campfire: Do you like going outdoors for activities like camping, hiking, or mountain biking?

Sure! Provided I have someone to accompany Me, otherwise I would go by Myself for "nightriding"! Destination graveyard and back!

33. Mini pumpkins: Best pumpkin design I’ve ever carved/plan on carving?

A demonic depiction I drew I created in Hellementary which itself got may shocked reactions! A demonic rictus with hellflames for eyes!

34. Forest: What are five of your favorite things about autumn?

Sex, pumpkins, costumes/masks, halloween shows, weather!

35. hoodie: how different was your life five years ago?

Getting back to where it was, as soon as I can collect the things in storage, but have already acquired many other things in the meantime! Actually a bit better now with larger space.

36. Tea: Favorite scary story or legend?

My SATANTHOLOGY. Otherwise I tend to enjoy urban legends most.

37. Spices: Favorite character from a Halloween movie?

Moundshroud from The Halloween Tree, as I feel he embodies the spirit of Halloween/Samhain best. Along with The Addams Family & The Munsters, of course!

38. Maze: Have you ever gone to a corn maze?

Not a real one yet, but have been to facsimiles created as haunted attractions.

39. Haunted hayrides: Tell a spooky campfire story (if you have one)

40. Boo: Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever had an experience?

Of course! The appearance of rexfield in the backyard back at the house, projections of the nkisi warriors, ma coming to Me through birds and plants. The presence of something walking though the room at hinds.

41. color: If you live in a climate where the trees change colors, do you like walking/driving around and looking at them?

Fuck yeah! That's an attraction by themselves! Not as much here as I'd like, though.

42. Lights: Do you decorate your home for Halloween?

All year 'round, actually. But I usually keep these to Myself inside. I don't tend to get trick or treaters.

43. Party: Do you hand out candy on Halloween, have/attend parties, or do something else?

Ideally yes, I would. Preferably a sex party. Perform The Halloween Rite, enjoy libations with dinner.

44. Movies: Favorite scary movie? What most consider "scary" is My amusement & motivation!

Love the devil & possession, occult movies, such as The Omen series, The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, Hellraiser, The Devil's Rain, Midnight Offerings, The Devil's Daughter.

45. Novel: Favorite spooky novel?

666 by Jay Anson, Candlemass Eve, Dark Shadows series.

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Autumnlusts 🍁🍂

- Carve pumpkins 🎃
Will definitely do sometime this season, and spread the seeds in front and in back for a Halloween harvest!
- Movie nights
Every night during Feast of The Beast! Many paranormal documentaries lately!
- Pick apples/ apple orchard
Certainly, if I Am in the vicinity of one!
- Watch the sunrise
More or less a regular practice, but moreso the dusk!
- Nature walk
Every time I go for My Dæmonbulacrum, which is most nights anyway!
- Buy gourds
Of course! All kinds, especially pumpkins! These can be carved too! Actually, it all started with turnips!
- Picnic
he ideally regular practice of picnicking in the graveyard!
- Photograph everything
I have been photographing more things as of late, from meals to the environment, sometimes paranormal anomalies!
- Watch football
Nope. Spectator sportsball for cretins. Tried it as a Dracling, found it to be simplistic and pointless, after having outrun, and tackled opponents. Nothing to it, but a waste of time. So I discovered Martial Arts, which was worthy of My interests.
fumanchudo- Make soup
Actually made some "Monster Soup" recently, comprised of hu/manudo, cracklins {"cheecheeroonies", porkrinds, which quite literally crackle in the soup! like rice crispies in milk!}, dumped in cup o'noodles with an egg, 2 quesadillas, eaten with hashi chopsticks! AKA "fumanchudo", and "chinkano / chexican" soup. Basically a combination of innards & skin. Inside & outside.
- Corn Maze
Not been, but would go.
- Trick or Treat
Trick or treaters don't tend to come around these parts, but if they did, I think I would give them quite a treat!
- Lattes downtown
Lattes whenever I feel like it in the privacy and comfort of My own Lair.
- Crunch leaves
That certainly is an evocative sound in this most wondrous of seasons.
- Oktoberfest
I certainly would be game to go to this German event for some good beer and Mädchens!
- Candy Apples
I love these confections! And for Me, one of the hellements that really sets off the season!
- Play frisbee
Haven't for a very long while, but I once had a light-up frisbee that looked like a flying saucer! Now Frisbees remind Me of The Master of The Flying Guillotine!
- Scenic drive
Love them! Especially through canyon environments!
- Pumpkin Patch
Love them! Would like to technically go each and every year to an actual patch rather than just a market.
- Bake a Pie
Stouffer's is easy enough, I suppose, and otherwise Mrs. Redd's handpies!
- Make hot coca
Perhaps mixed with coffee {including those little marshmallows}, although sometimes on a blue moon I do actually desire coca by itself.
- Bonfire
Definitely, especially for High Unholy Days! Particularly Autumn Equinox, Halloween, Winter Solstice, and Walpurgisnacht!
- Go to a festival
That would be fun! I love fairs, like the LA County Fair!
- Go to a park
Every once in a great while, but I much prefer "memorial" parks! Better kept, and more æsthetically appealing! Even whatever muggles are spotted are in black, and some of those ladies look pretty hot!
- Black Friday
There's usually a special Productions deal with The Devil I put out for it!
- Wear scarves
On the colder nights, I like waring a nice black or red scarf.
- Make s'mores
Sure! Love chocolate, marshmallow, and even peanut butter combinations! Especially when roasted over hellfire!
- Halloween 🎃
Of course! The reason for the season! Live for and through it! And the Satanic spirit of Halloween evilives through Me!
- Play catch
I would, but there's nobody to play catch with! I remember playing catch with tortugas with Pandora in the kitchen at Baldwin Park! It was like playing frisbee!
- Make popcorn
Sure, I suppose. Easy enough. A lot of butter, though!
- Play football
Lamegame for lamebrains. Brutes. I went through a phase early on, thankfully shedding it upon finding Karate! Superior! An actual artform and discipline!
- Apple Cider
Tasty, especially when cascaded along pale blushing flesh.
- Tailgate
Rude! Otherwise, a meal served from out of the back of a vehicle as defined, I suppose, provided the food is delicious! Like something Garduno's would make!
- Hobo days
As in a "homecoming" celebration, and/or parade, sure, why not? I'll just consider it a Halloween parade!
- Snuggle under blankets
Sure! Love snuggling under blankets naked!
- Jump in leaves
Love it! A way to get in even more intimate involvement with the season! And Nature!
- Make a wreath
I'd make one comprised of snakes, thorns, leaves, Halloween icons, with a pentagram in the center!
- Thanksgiving 🦃
Just for the food combinations, with pork instead of turkey, with none of the fake cultural or religious connotations. Acknowledge the americanative plight & fight.
- Roast pumpkin seeds
Sure, as well as keep a few to dispense upon the lawn for a Halloween patch!
- Road trip
To haunted attractions, graveyards, Halloween parties, concert, surenough!
- Watch a sunset 🌅
As I do every evening, welcoming the night!
- Haunted house 👻
I live in one! It came pre-haunted, and I joined in! Otherwise I tend to scare the ghosts!
- Farmers Market
? I suppose so. Although The Addams Family foode shoppe seems to cover it for Me!
- Wear bean boots
- Cozy sweaters
I don't wear sweaters, but if I did there are a couple that have come out recently that look like s possibility, like Baphomet, Bigfoot, and Krampus.
- Autumn room decor
Yes, the addition of some leaves would be nice, either real or artificial. But as a matter of fact, if I find any autumn leaves about, I will bring them in to decorate the floor and maybe a couple for The Altar as well!
- Autumn candles
Already have some new scented candles on the living room table, lit primarily for dinner. Adds evocative scents and ambiance.
- Decorate porch
Don't really do that except maybe subtly sometimes, like a door but definitely a pentagram for any trick or treaters to stand in! Like I di for the 1st Halloween at the Baldwin Park Noctuary! Which helped earn it the nefarious reputation of Hellhouse! "The Devil lives there!"
- Bake an apple pie
I could try, but the plant would be better at it, I think. Although a pre-cooked one from Stouffer's or something could maybe be a possibility, otherwise, I love those Mrs. Redd's Handpies!
- Watch Halloween movies
All year round, in what would be commonly considered "halloween movies", which are essentially horror, but specifically presentations like The Halloween Tree, Halloween With The Addams Family, The Munsters' Revenge, The Halloween That Almost Wasn't, Witch's Night Out, and paranormal documentaries!
- Knit a scarf
I do not 'knit', but Ma can surely knit a cozy!
- Make a gratitude list
If I do, it would be to Myself and Satan!
- Donate food
To Me & Mine!
- volunteer
Depends on what I would get out of it! At least sexual gratification, or no way!
- Read a book 📚
I read books all year round! WTF?
- Tell spooky stories 👻
That indeed would be fun, either favorites I enjoy, and My own!
- Donate to an animal shelter
Probably not.
- Revamp instagram

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Hell Gate

Hellemental incarnation

🔥Fierce like Fire {Satan}👹
🐉Flow like Water {Leviathan}
🦇Float like Air {Lucifer}
💪Strong like Earth {Belial} 🌎

These are reflective of The Infernal Alignment*, in the gradation of one's diabolical evolution of auto-deification and completion.

SATAN: Fierce like fire

The hellfire that purifies, and forges steel into the vision of the metallurgist, Vulcanus, symbolic of creation, to forge one's own destiny. Also to burn away past error and delusion, blindlight contamination, programming, and forge one's own path towards greatness and self-creation! The flames that test one's mettle, making one stronger still! Love & Hate in purest expression. The hellfire that reveals the face of Satan emergent as The Age of Fire.

LEVIATHAN: Flow like water

The ability to be malleable while steadily working one's will upon the situation. Flooding of emotion intelligently directed. Adjusting perception for selfish gratification. Corresponding mental and physical principles of judo.

LUCIFER: Float like Air

Casting one's vision upon the winds in order to view the mazes of confusion which become revealed from this elevated overview. The use of stealth & cunning. Proceeding with intelligent caution for the most direct path to enlightenment, undefiled wisdom, & carnal reward. The balance of the analytical & imaginative portions of the entire cerebrum, including natural intuition.

BELIAL: Strong like Earth

Strength of Mind and Body. The motivating forces of The Beast within, Humanimal/Satanimal combined as Baphomet incarnate oneself.

* see Dracomeroth.