September 1st, 2020

Coat of Arms

Satan triumphant, The Devil's Rain Hellbox, Baphomet goblet

Antichrist sculpture
Ebros Gifts | stone grey resin | 12.25" tall, 8" wide, 2.25" deep

AntichristSATAN Victorious! This detailed sculpture signifies The Antichrist. Contrast & Compare to THE ANTICHRIST, Lucifer emergent upon the inverse cross, as a statement of the transitional emergence of The Satanic Age, which is well upon us now. Makes a hellegant addition to any Satanic Lair, as a statement if anti-stupidity, repression, weakness, and a stimulating blasphemous evocation! Inverse cross also resembles an upthrust sword of defiance, like the Horns of Satan, for liberation & independence, self-deism and determination. Strength from within.

Sabbatic Baphomet dæmonstrates The All-One, As Above / So Below, combined polarities to represent the 3rd side, center prong upon the barb of Hell! Carnal 666 of The humanimal/Satanimal Beast on the lower extensions, with 9 arising central. COAGULA / SOLVE, Binding/loosing, forming The will to reality, Is-To-Be, releasing upon ether unto MANIFESTATION. /Thought+Action=Result/. Hellflame of destruction & creation. Breasts of fertility & Lust.

Devil's Rain Baphomet Hellbox
Ebros Gifts | 3.75" long, 3.75" wide, 4.5" tall

Devils Rain HellboxIntended as an incenser, with abyssal smoke proceeding from the hellmouth, it can also be used as a keepsake or 'witchbox' if so desired. Perfect for preserving amulets & talismans, sigils, photos, names, relics, etc.

Looks very similar to the soulkeeper from the film The Devil's Rain {LaVey as technical advisor} sans hooves, which can be added with some improvisation. High aesthetics with serpent encircling 'round, skulls, hellfire, and a carven sigil of Baphomet displayed. Wonderful decor for The Altar of infernal secrets.

Baphomet goblet
Bruder Des Licht

Baphomet gobletAn ideal artpiece for The Ritual Chamber, featuring the Levi Baphomet head presenting a veritable Omnigram effect, itself dæmonstrating the proper inverse pentagram of its innate constitution, accompanied by the Vetruvian pentacle, both asserting the phi-ratio in nature, and the humanimal beast. Placed together, dual polarities in one whole, ergo, Magic used to help or hinder as appropriate.

Horn stem, pentagram base, stainless steel inner cup, highly detailed, heavy duty, wonderfully ornate, sure to enhance psychodramatic rites and accentuate total environments. Mug also available for more casual indulgence.


Nadramianativity Moon

In the wake of the Full Moon, upon this regeneration, we honor the nativity of Maga Nadramia dually presiding, as Baphomet enthroned within The Devil's Church. May myriad treasures bring greater pleasures!

On the path to Helloween in this dæmonic month of Thammuz, September marks the transition into the Autumnal Equinox emergent, as spectral masks appear reflective from the shadowside of the mind's abyss throughout the earth. The harvest of souls & nature, transitions even now, in ætheric permutation.

Charms & wonders, mysteries & myriad pleasures, ghosts & ghouls begin to creep forth, as nightmares come alive to each and every one their own! In nomine Satanas, So It Is Done!