August 31st, 2020

10 things to do if you're in the fall mood (even if it isn’t fall)

1. plug in some earbuds and pull up Rainymood, or even some autumn ambiance sounds, you can find lots on youtube.

I refer to certain favorites, as well as My spotify playlists. I frequently use ambient sounds to accentuate the desired environmental mood. Halloween soundeffects and the sounds of storms works quite well. youtube is a good source.

2. put on a flannel!

I do not even own flannel right now, but I used to wear overshirts around My waist all the time as Rocker Dave.

3. make yourself a cup of tea. warm drinks do the soul good.

I tend to prepare warm beverages when it gets really cold. Otherwise, My constitution tends to be quite warm already, which is primarily why I prefer cooler weather, as I routinely indulge in cool drinks most the time, particularly iced coffee in My black skull mug and soda in My Elvira cup.

4. watch a halloween movie with the lights off!

All the time. Most of what I enjoy for entertainment could be considered "halloween" presentations & musick, but I do reserve a few selections specifically dedicated to the High Sabbath UnHolyday.

5. do a fall craft; it sounds boring but truly puts you in the fall mindset.

All the time. As a matter of fact, I will be working on the next Devil's Diary Halloween edition, providing there's enough material available.

6. change your phone/desktop wallpaper to match the fall mood.

Halloween Baphomet Sigil

Already have. My current phone wallpaper is Halloween Sigil of Baphomet.

7. turn down the lights and light some candles, literally nothing sets a better mood than candles.

Don't I know it! Scented candles burn herein quite frequently, and all the time for rituals!

8. put on some fuzzy socks and cuddle up with pets/netflix/loved ones.

There's always Plant & The Patchlings! Otherwise it would be nice to snuggle with pets & lovers.

9. paint your nails an autumn color.

Maybe black if I'm in the mood, perhaps tipped with bloodred, but I usually prefer clear polish to protect and strengthen claws.

10. make a fall moodboard!

If I'm inclined, I'd do so if I had available materials on hand, otherwise I think I'd put something together and print it out!




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