August 30th, 2020


"Satanism Unmasked" II


Sinday Edition [Satanic Panic archives]: The most interesting part of the whole series, mentioning The Church of Satan with quotes of The Statements {though not unflatteringly mentioning the most poignant 9th}; with most all the usual Satanic Panic suspects, Codex Gygax {D&D}, & Heavy Metal. Of note, a photo of Jeff Hanneman of ϟLAYER is incorrectly, though complementary labelled VENOM. Some lyrics are recited by chickenboy.

A jesus worshipping obsessed sitcom-like show {similar to an even lamer over-the-top Growing Pains}, acting out a chick tract scenario; interviews with Johanna Michaelson {The Beautiful Side of Evil} offering assumptions about cover art on a copy of Dungeon magazine, Lauren Stratford {from whose book geraldo's "special" was named}, and Sean Sellout commentary interspersed throughout.

Conclude at 48:00 in order to avoid the particularly nervous cowardliness and proselytizing. Otherwise, if it serves to muckrake, then good riddance!

Satanism is a great stratifier. We do not seek to 'convert', but intelligent and strong born Satanists, nomatter the background, will eventually naturally find their way to the gates, while the unworthy will destroy themselves or return to church to cower 'neath the cross where they belong!