July 3rd, 2020




[Anton LaVey & Jayne Mansfield, as portrayed by Walter Fischer]
LV|19 ce, Trapart, photography artbook, 152 pp.

This momentous gallery artbook eerily arrives in the wake of The Brody Curse anniversary; here appropriately divided into Nine parts, for a most pleasing perusal...

I. THE BLACK HOUSE: Photography at The Black House events during the formative and emergent stages of the Church of Satan, from Magic Circle lectures, workshops, and demonstrations. Also includes appearances by Togare!
II. SATANIC BAPTISM: Candid photos from The Satanic Baptism of LaVey's 2nd daughter, attracting worldwide attention & media coverage. Greater details of the infernal progeny Baphomet designed by Survivalist & Satanist member Kurt Saxon.
III. TONY & FORRY: LaVey visits "Uncle Forrey" Forrest Ackerman at the legendary Ackermansion for a thrilling time! Touring the veritable Horror museum! Regaled with tales of monsters, fascinating trivia, technical details, personal relations, a plethora or props, posters, books, statuary, masks, costumes, in a maze of wonder and mystery!
IV. MARILYN MONROE: A visit to her grave marker at Westwood. A contemplative appearance to a former love.
V. EXPOSURE: Some of LaVey's media appearances including the notorious Joe Pyne & Lou Gordon Shows. Backstage, promotional, etc.
VI. JAYNE MANSFIELD: Witch Jayne participating in Satanic ritual. LaVey attends a gala event with Jayne in full Sorcerer's accouterments, establishing connections to further infamy and influence.
VII. AT THE PINK PALACE: LaVey visits Jayne's place, The Pink Palace for a playful romp about the grounds, including the weightroom and pool. Photos of her family, pets, and retainers.
VIII. JAYNE MANSFIELD'S FUNERAL: No pictures of LaVey in this segment, lends that he may not have attended, which is understandable, for the concern is for her birth, life, and involvements.
IX. PORTRAITS: Several more fantastic images at The Black House in full regalia; also includes the lecture itinerary at the end, and several items of ephemera, including those infamous red cards!

Presented in a Hellegant hardcover coffeetable style tome with a decorative collage inner-cover setting, CALINFERNAL chronicles The Church of Satan's formative periods of emergence and religious r/evolution, offering an intimate look at Magus LaVey's media manipulations, profound rites and philosophy, and personal relation exhibitions. Also features an introduction by contemporary acquaintance Kenneth Anger, and afterwords by Carl Abrahamsson & Alf Wahlgren.

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    A perfect replica of the mighty & evil Dæmon God statue, used in the film THE EXORCIST, now pedestaled upon the HELLRAISER box on the table beside Me. It looks and feels like stone, with every detail clearly evident, from the erection to the serpent, to the Baphomet gesticulation. It also thus behooves one to acquire a Ouija board placemat for further accentuation.

    I have had a very potent cooperation with this Dæmonic egregore. I have always admired the figure, but it wasn't until fairly recently when I really made a connection thereunto, wherein He was summoned to punish certain wastrels, thus gathering up energy and momentum, feeding until further purpose, accessing that energy with justified recourse to punish the teeming masses who would torture undeserving creatures. Thus combined with Camazotz, the patron of the winged creatures of the underworld to bring about plague, which has decimated worthless subhuman lifeforms en masse.

    In Nomine Luciferi, PAZUZU, Demon of the Hell Winds, brother to Humwawa, thou directeth plague & drought under Thy Power, thou spinneth in the whirling zephyrs, Thou comest amassed in burning clouds, and devours the rotten under direction of diabolic justice!

    Hail Pazuzu! Hail Camazotz! Hail Satan!