April 11th, 2020


Sage of Hellfire

Black Pope

Thine diabolical legacy continues to be preserved, fostered, and curated by those who profoundly resonate with Satanic philosophy. The Black Book which reflects The Daemon within, and the acceptance of baptism in Hellfire, accepting the mark unto oneself. Enochian KEYS of intellect and emotion to open The Gates of The swirling Abyss within! Motivating & Exemplifying Daemonic incarnation of Self, as thou heldest the infernalight of Lucifer's undefiled wisdom, guiding the way to ever-increasing Strength & indulgent evilife! Forever timeless, thine reverberations echo throughout the earth in perpetuity! A pillar of Hellfire igniting The eternal Black Flame!

* Enjoy these resources of The Infernal Empire featured in this nefarious Theatre! ∞