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Chest implant man

Caught a brief glimpse at one of those "infomercials"... 'John Basedow': I Am pretty sure this man has breast implants. Such things do actually exist. The tell-tale signs are no striations in the pectoral muscles, they remain smooth at all times, seemingly not moving as normal muscles should. I would not be surprised if this becomes the norm in the near future - that is, more and more men having implants placed beneath the skin instead of actually pumping some iron, which can be well rewarding:

1. Shortly concluding a particularly potent session, the tenderness sensation which places one in more intimate contact with one's flesh, which has also become more sensitive to tactile sensation. The feeling of perpetual growth, which I Am experiencing at the moment, incidentally.
2. The resultant symmetry and increased strength. Adds to aesthetic value as well as practicality.

* The Satanic Art of Bodybuilding. Got brains to go with that brawn?


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