December 2nd, 2019

Hell Gate

Krampus Helloyule tree

Krampus Tree

I enjoy the scent of Bosque Cashmere {perhaps reminiscient of the Basque} & Apple SinAmon*, whether spray or oil. Very woodsy and unhallowday evocative, contributing to the decorative hellements herein, such as the Krampus Yuletree recently erected {in anticipation of Krampusnacht & the Winter Solstice Sabbath}, complete with asserted phallic significance {note the positioning of the Drac-o'lanterns & ascending center trunk}, so far added with Darth Vader ornament, red inverse crosses, spiked eyeball, a Wonder Woman warrior, lustfully comical sexy leglamp, a couple of snowflakes, and the Pentagram Lucifer Star crowning. The tree itself features fiber kaleidoscoptic lights transitioning in a pleasing opalescent presentation.

  • For what is xmas but herdmas, but businesses {religions included} profiting from the gullibull herd, placing them in debt that they slave away to pay for the rest of the year?
  • There is a reason Santa is an anagram for SATAN. Besides being a welcomed alternative to the filthy & absurd nazarene manger myth, Satan Claus {Krampus} represents indulgence and opulence, fertility, bounty, and Winter harvest feasting. All of the so-called "sins" enjoyed aplenty!

~ Mr. Hellvedere

*both patent number D666 - check the can!

Current Film: Santa Claus | The Unwrapping of xmas


Slayer & King Diamond


LAYER played their so-called "last show" on November 30th at The Forum, and KING🦇DIAMOND came to town playing at The Wiltern on the 1st.

Whenever I hear a band talking about a last tour, you know it is not, for being a musician, that artistic urge is so persistent, that so long as one is physically capable of creating, whatever the art, it will continue in one form or another, preferably by that which grants one the most gratification of expression. Sometimes this itself becomes a publicity technique, with a band's inevitable return, to the inevitable delight of fans!

The first SLAYER I ever possessed was Haunting The Chapel, soon followed by Show No Mercy. They instantly became a favorite. Others were since possessed like Hell Awaits, Reign In Blood, Seasons In The Abyss, South of Heaven, Divine Intervention, et al. Instruments used with such intricate hellish ferocity and vocalization with subject matter about Satan, Hell, war, death, Power, lust, horror, and 'Evil', with aesthetics to match, it resonated with certain aspects of My evolving dark psychology. These orchestrations frequently accompanied Me for many a philtre-fueled sinful celebration of evilife! Like every gobletful a veritable Communion with The Devil!

Then I possessed The Ultimate Revenge video from Wild Rags in Montebello, featuring three favorite bands VENOM, SLAYER, EXODUS, frequently watching it with acquiantances in dimly-lit rooms along with VENOM's 7 Dates of Hell & Live In '85. Of course, I was impressed by not only the musick, but the album art as well, even integrating imagery into accoutrement. As a matter of fact, I even recently possessed the Slayer demon figurine!

The first KING DIAMOND I ever possessed was THEM, possessed at Music+Plus in West Covina, even though the first I ever heard of the band/s was MERCYFUL FATE Don't Break The Oath at then-friend Rick's house in Northollywood on Hart St. At first I was taken aback by the vocal style, and it would be much later that I would eventually grow to appreciate it. I was even asked by Sgt. Emon if I liked the band once, but I stated that I didn't quite like the voice at the time - but then I heard it again while drinking with band members of RAMPAGE, and loved that mystical feeling of it. I would later discover King Diamond is a member of The Church of Satan! Like a Gothic Hammer film represented in Metal! Veritably 'Macabre Metal'! And as a matter of fact, I just recently possessed the King Diamond figure!

These two bands have contibuted in doing The Devil's work in the multimedia arena, prividing with darksome entertainment, and shall continue to do so on into timelessness! With a horned salute, Hail SLAYER! Hail King DIAMOND!