November 3rd, 2019

Coat of Arms

The Devil's Halloweb


  • The Devil's Halloweb: An arranged spiderweb of lights or cord with various major icons at the points, represented as masks of The Devil, Witch, Vampire, skull, ghost, jack o' lantern, Frankentein/mummy, creature, Pentagram centered.
  • Seasons In Hell Unholydays: Points may also represent Halloween, Walpurgisnacht, Winter & remmus Solstices, Fall & Spring Equinoxes, Birthday.
  • Seasons In Hell rooms: 1. Total environment rooms themed to the seasons. 2. Rooms themed to holidays. Recall the holiday trees from The Nightmqare Before xmas. 3. Rooms themed to particular countries in their most remarkable historic periods. These may even be foreseeably complemented with a stylized Baphomet displaying the flag colors.