October 19th, 2019

maze, baphomet, technomancy

The sinews of Satan moving My flesh!

"Satanism is a winner's creed." - Anton Szandor LaVey; Occult America*, John Godwin

Satanism has been a motivating force for Me before and after infernal realization. The veritable sinews of Satan moving My flesh! I have utilized the lesser Magic principles of psychological manipulation and pursuation to gain favorable results in various endevours, and The Greater Magical practices of psychodrama to sustain and further empower My goals. The application of resourcefulness through adversity, and ! to keep focus on an end result. An overall discipline.

Satanism is a lifestyle, religion, & philosophy. An "infernal trinity" as it were. As such, I have applied the principles of Satanism to achieve My aspirations during Martial Arts training, weightraining, institutional academia, through to forming My company Blackthorne Productions. When one's subject matter proves too controversial, academic it behooves one to seek whatever means that will serve one's best purposes.

Sometimes you have to go through heavenly hell to get to Hellven. Often, having first hand experience no doubt strengthens one exponentially in constitution and character.

* So much for the incorrect claims of The Devil being some kind of 'loser'!