October 1st, 2019


Satanic Rosary


Satanic Rosary
RGM Warehouse | possess

Apart from making one's own rosary, or demon cord, witch cord, etc., I opted to possess this item partially for the reason of the number of the price - $13.13, available in both black and red. I chose the classic Hellegant black version. There are 61 beads, all connected by silver links. There are 54 Infernal Names of SATAN, just add whomever extra ones chooses that are resonant for your purposes.

Use for Fete Diaboli, and for making a wish after concentrating and conjuring a daemonic name for desires, holding in one's left or right hand, respectively.

Use as a necklace medallion to accentuate your dark aesthetic, asserting your dedication and expression towards the absolutely diabolical. The Satanic Pentagram represents the horns of Satan ascendant and the denial of the holy trinity {and the exhalation of the Unholy Trinity of Me, Myself, & I; Dark Force, Incarnation, Will}, and the hellements contained therein proper - Earth {Belial}, Fire {Satan}, Water {Leviathan}, Air {Lucifer}, Ether {Magic, Will}, Flesh {God/dess Self}.

It just so happens that a falling star shone bright on the night of September 30 into October 1st within the midnight Witching hour, which is taken to mean that possessing this talisman carries an enormity of potency, and this is the correct event as confirmed.

Whether used as a talisman and/or decoration ornamentation, it is certain to add that empowering Gothic, Draconian touch of Evil.

Batman Batarang double blade
Blade Addict

Spawned of The Dark Knight, right from the utility belt, emerges this impressive blade from the foggy Gotham underworld. With enough practice, it can indeed serve the intended purpose of a veritable "Batarang" application, though better utilized more like a shiroken. One or both blades may be extended, which lock in place, released by a hidden lever within the mechanism.

11" of incredibly sharp stainless steel! There are actually several styles to choose from, though I prefer the solid black - stealth, Ninja. Equipped with built-in clip, fits securely upon one's belt, or other hidden locations.