September 4th, 2019


Funko POP! Elvira keychain


Happy to have been gifted and possessed the Elvira Funko keychain. The body displays the nice curvy buxom figure in the skintight dress, seductive pose, but with a largely disproportionate head and face {with signature Devil's mark!}, almost like a Cabbage Patch or Betty Boop characterization. In fact, it does give the impression of being like a Gothic Betty Boop overall, with big black pools for eyes, full red glistening lips, purplish overshadow, and even her Magical ruby red ring! "Bathive" or "B/Hellfrey" hairstyle covers her like a shroud.

Overall, a playfully macabre beauty representation of the Gothic darketype, among the Four-Crown Queens of Halloween, she signifies the Earth Hellement.

Cute piece for what it is. A fun collectible. Made from durable plastic with removable metal chain, link, and ring for positioning. 1 1/2". Available at most all major online sellers, and establishments catering to gothicomic sensibilities.