August 31st, 2019


Hail The Sardinian Strongman!

Franco Columbu
{"The Sardinian Strongman"}

He in part no doubt inspired Me in My own Bodybuilding & weightlifting pursuits, first spotted in Pumping Iron, but he would appear in various other presentations with The Austrian Oak such as Conan The Barbarian, Destroyer, & Terminator. The physique is characterized as thick and dense, from the heavily striated pectorals to the wide spreading lats {latissumus dorsi}, even giving the impression of wings. Remarkable all the way through.

Hailing from the island of Sardinia*, situated in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy {though the culture is an amalgam of Greek and Roman influences}, he was both Bodybuilder {the aesthetic presentation of the anatomy}, and Powerlifter, demonstrating the latter early on in his homeland, by lifting among other things, automobiles to aid in parking situations.

Leviathan's embrace

Ironically, he plunged into Neptune's realm while enjoying himself in the waters of his homeland. Doing exactly what he enjoyed, as was his existence. Strongman, Bodybuilder, even boxer previous, competing from Year I to '81 Mr. Olympia, so he takes his place among the pantheon of The Gods.

*from whence the very term "sardine" derives, as these fish are most abundant therein