August 5th, 2019



From Satan's Throne

Three shootings in in the expanse of a week, over the expanse of Lughnassadh / Lammas XLI Hellday, and I couldn't be more content about it! Sacrifices adding up, consecrated in blood & fire! It's culling the herd, and the El Paso one at a herdmart at that! Bravo! I've felt the urge to that Myself as well! So it's nice to see someone actually doing it who really has nothing to lose! There has undoubtedly been a chaotic surge as of late, possibly related to the Mercury "retroshade"...?

Gilroy Garlic Festival

  • Sacrifices: 4
  • Injured: 13

Killer Santino William Legan was on a mission to eliminate hordes of douchebags and beaners - weaklings, wimps, drones, and lower lifeforms infesting the central and northern californian countryside - basically white & brown rash. The herd types that would routinely be around areas like Fresno and the like - likened Californian Floridians. So, thinning the herd is of course cause for congratulations! Plus he shot himself nice and neat!

Dayton Ohio

  • Sacrifices: 10
  • Injured: 27
The Dayton Ohio shooter Connor Betts had worn two patches on his remarkable black denim vest 'Armor' - AGAINST ALL GODS & a black Sabbatic Baphomet head. Better to Reign in Hell than serve in Heaven! Welcome to Hell, Connor!

El Paso
  • Sacrifices: 20
  • injured: 26.
The El Paso shooter is named Patrick Wood Crusius {may ironically etymologically trace to latin "crus", or "cross"} with a goal to "kill as many mexicans as possible"! Bravo! I agree on most all points stipulated in The Inconvenient Truth manifesto. Deport illegals and execute criminals! Well done!