July 13th, 2019


Paganist, reverse theremin effect


1. Pre-Church of Satan de-facto Satanist. 2. Those who were born before the foundation of The Church of Satan and The Age of Fire; and speaks to "Born, not made". Primal Pagan fits most descriptive. 3. Those attracted to a more arcanely Pagan expression in expression and aesthetics.

Reverse Theremin Effect
The amusing dynamic exhibited by some members of the herd who quiet from their petty gossip as the Satanist nears, while becoming louder the further the Satanist departs. An obvious result of intimidation and passive-aggressive reactions, by displaying their true natures while in the immediate presence of The Satanist, who takes the wind out of their sails, whose pretentious "opinions" results to nothing more than veritable farts in the wind.