June 13th, 2019

winged skull, vampire, predator

Messengers of Hell

Messengers of Hell
Messengers of Hell
Casting Thy Spells
Fortells the Omen's bliss
Granting of Satan's Gifts
Upon thy shoulders fell
Talisman Omnipotent
Infernal Blessings rise
Upon blackened wings

Messengers of Hell
Fly forth at dusk
When you can see the brimstone fire
Upon horizon pyre
The Keys are spoken
The Words betoken
The Is To Be

Messengers of Hell
Black feathers, beaks, and talons
Children of Lucifer
Glistening eyes unbounded
Filled with Hecate's moonlight
Lilith & Asmodeus
Thy demon wings fly forth!
Murder upon the winds!

Messengers of Hell
The Pentagram is glowing
Baphomet lend Thy flight
Atop the forest's height
Soaring all through the 13th night
Bring forth the tidings grim
And Seal The Pact with Him!