June 8th, 2019


Draconian psychodramatic parapsychological experimentation

Fenrys X. Forcas has taken to experimenting with Draconian Sorcery as writ in Dracomeroth, with a nice setup in his garage space, including the Thaumaturgic Magic Circle and the presence of Dracomet upon The Altar! This is taking it to the next level! From the basics to the advanced! Someone serious, intelligent, and brave enough to advance beyond just the therapeutic theater {which is the very least it may serve}, towards manifesting thoughtforms, parapsychological projections, create favorable patterns of reality, manipulating the ether with one's will. Truly the hellmarks of a God! A Dark God in this case, devoid of hypocritical blindlight pretension!

For what is a Wizard or Sorcerer but an incarnate Deity forming creation according to One's desires?! Whereupon mastering previous gradations, taps into both Psychic Proficiency & Magical Omnipotence by The Infernal Alignment!

But it really is fantastic to see Dracomeroth getting the attention it deserves. The rewards reaped by this individual will be exponential!