May 31st, 2019


Cloven Hoof XII

The Cloven Hoof July/August XII AS (1977) | Anton LaVey

”When I brought Satanism out of the closet, I had to put on a show to let the world know we existed in fact and not just in theologian’s rulebooks. Once established, many roads of influence and control would present themselves. And they have. I won’t see Satanists cavorting for the public like monkeys anymore. Professional performers who are …being well paid for Satanic show-and-tell can and will continue to take care of that area.

You are the real thing. The public has a fine fun-fear image of Satanists that can be conveniently switched off on their TV sets or when they leave the theater or close the book. Your purpose (and privilege) is to be able to reap the rewards of all that flack, not perform little theater in between times. Let them know you’re a C/S member. Explain philosophy if you feel like it and it invigorates you. Otherwise, let them think the worst or best — whatever they need. Above all, don’t provide entertainment unless the stakes are worth it.

The Satanic Bible is available (or should be) to answer doctrinal questions others may ask. Instead of being a colorful evangelist, eager to Spread The Word, you should be an enigmatic individual whom others have good reason to ponder and respect.

Nothing infuriates — or scares — others so much as unpredictability. When the pro/pop/show-and-tell Satanists condition the public to expect stereotypical appearance and lifestyle from Satanists, it is your cue to confound and confuse them “until the stars be numbered.” Make them wonder what being a Satanist does for you and what strange and potent force you are linked with. Just others’ knowledge that you are a Satanist is sufficient to accomplish that. The more of a show you give them, the less they have to speculate upon. And the more predictable (= safe) and entertaining you become.

If you want to be a spooky Gothic type Satanist for the world to see, be prepared to lose more than a little of your potential power. This doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home in a bizarre manner. It should only caution you to screen your guests carefully if you have devil statues in every corner. Get the point? Better yet, if you don’t send them away with anything to upset their balance — yet they know you’re with the C/S — they will REALLY be unhinged (or intrigued). You made your point without entertaining them as a “Satanist” should.”