May 14th, 2019


🌻Day, 🍵Lipton, 👽Friedman, 😈Conway

Reign In Hell

I always enjoyed watching his characterizations on The Carol Burnett Show, with that certain personal charm that he brought to every character, though the most memorable has to be golfer "Dorf" the midget, "kneeling" at a statuesque 3' something, in utmost humor and wit.
I found Dorf's Golf Bible amusing for some of the blasphemous references and rebellious frustration of the character, eventually figuring out that he can play the game better than whatever ideas this "god" had planned for it!

Dracumentary: Never cared for the game Myself, to each their own, but the skit is amusing! The Dracling would go "minigolfing" from time to time, which was accompanied by an adjacent waterslide attraction! As it happens, the same location as that displayed in The Karate Kid!

Heard Stanton Friedman from time to time on C2C, with whom one could always learn a thing or two, particularly about UFO phenomena, secret technology, shadow government, and related subjects. Always an interesting show.

Peggy Lipton... Though quite a looker, never really watched The Mod Squad or anything, moreso Twin Peaks, though I do recall the attractive blonde thereon, upon which one could take a second look.

Doris Day seemed the quintessential personafication of American Apple Pie. I recall her being in a couple of made-for-TV horror presentations, which would probably be pretty much the only place I would have seen her. Plus she did a couple of great renditions of "It's Magic" & "Deevil, Devil, Divil". The previous a recommendation by Magus LaVey from The Church of Satan [book] by Blanche Barton {"Satanic Music: That 'Ol Black Magic" section}.