May 6th, 2019

maze, baphomet, technomancy

Darksaber, temperature beams, & warpdrive

Some technological contemplations in liu of May the 4th be with you & Revenge of the 5th...

Temperature Beams

Perhaps as a future alternative to air conditioners and heaters, blankets and heavy jackets, technology will one day develop "thermal beams" & "cool beams" that can project warm & cool temperatures over a certain distance.
Of course, nothing quite compares to snuggling up in a warm blanket, scarves, mittens, or especially the body warmth of a loved one, with a favorite warm drink. Valuable for soldiers and otherwise travelers, campers, hikers, tourists, al-fresco dining, etc.

Dark Sabers

Is this possible? I was once asked by one of My Witch's little brothers that if it could be possible, and what may go into the mechanics of a light saber? Ironically, the answer lies in the term "dark saber", as in utilizing dark matter & gravity, via the dynamics of a black hole which would limit a laser beam from going further than a certain distance. As a black hole may draw in light, so may it control its directive.

Warp Speed

Quantum physics, My dear Watson! Breaching the fabric of space via the creation of a temporary wormhole, via bending space to pass through the portal.