May 4th, 2019


Kirlian goggles

It is an interesting idea to develop veritable "aura goggles", or "truth glasses", using the techniques outlined in parapsychological experiments pioneered by Dr. Thelma Moss, using similar materials & filters used in kirlian photography & film. There have been attempts, which ends up being moreso blacklight glasses than anything, like looking through a blacklight bulb.

This would also be similar to the "mood ring" effect in reading auras, biothermal & bioelectric emanations combined with facial expressions and other cues {such as dilated pupils, etc.}, to determine the true physical reactions to certain stimuli, whether lustful, angry {'hot colors' red, orange, yellow, brightness according to intensity of sensation}, depressed/sad or calm, disinterested {light/electric to dark 'cool' blues & purples}.

Whether natural ability and/or trained sensitivity, this proposed equipment would enhance the detection of mood, reaction, and purpose, allowing the observer to proceed with an educated impression for more effective seduction, and/or overall disposition translation.

The goggles themselves should be as unobtrusive as possible, prominantly displaying only the lenses with invisible to 'masked' frames, looking more or less like sunglasses or classic designs. There may also be a possibility in the development of contact lenses.


May the 4th be with you!

DarthometSince today is officially "Star Wars day", as declared by the California legislature {who else?}, I decided to dig out My Darth Vader pendant "Darthomet", and dress entirely in black for this observation, in deference to The Sith - total Satanic archetypes! Interestingly, yet not too surprisingly, it happens to fit perfectly into the Black Pentagram medallion I usually wear! Totally appropriate considering this was one of My very first pre-realization de-facto amulets! Very telling even as a Dracling! I also wore a Cornuto horn, {"little horn" since considered a nickname for The Antichrist! Yet BIG where it counts for other reasons!}, I also wore a STAR WARS belt buckle, which I believe is in storage, but I'll dig that out too one day!

Of course, one cannot speak of Star Wars without considering Space Balls! May The Schwartz Be With You! And remember, 'Evil' always wins because 'good' is dumb!" Hail Vader! Hail Dark Helmet! Hail Satan!