April 21st, 2019



Don't quite care for most CGI renditions. The prop is far more effective in delivering the psychological horror effect. The unmistakable 3D feel and look. CGI just looks like cartoons.

While some of the graphics are cool, CGI is just not up to par with realtime effects, perhaps may never be. There may be an exception with weather and certain environments, but the characters still look too kinematic and computer generated. The point is niot being able to tell, yet there are still differences detected by the eye.

It should be of its own class altogether. Either all CGI or props altogether.

A given exlusively animated or CGI presentation would be interesting however.

winged skull, vampire, predator

DRACULA - Sovereign of the Damned


Satanimation presentation based upon the Marvel comics series in which Dracula / Satan are seen as virtually the same character. Though imbued with many of the diabolical traits, Dracula is more or less considered The Devil as a gentleman, whereas a Demonic Satan often makes appearances in these productions. Dracling collected all I could find from a hidden little store that sold some of the more outre'.

"Take a tip from Dracula. Live by night, shun the light. Listen to beautiful music."
Anton Szandor LaVey