April 16th, 2019

Coat of Arms

Notre Damned?


Notre Dame cathedral burned today! It is said "accidentally" during restoration. Perhaps a worker dropping a cigarette? My first question was "Did Quasimodo make it out okay?" This building is indeed a treasure. I mourn only for the Gothically beautiful architecture, gargoyle statuary, musical resonance, and artistic elements therein.

Turns out the spectacle was much more dramatic than the actual damage done. Much of the burning is contained on the roof, with a falling spire as a loss. But pretty much all of the interior is preserved! Just a bit smokey, is all! It will no doubt be restored in full, with remains preserved as souvenirs. I suppose it's only a matter of time until someone uses the footage to the tune of Black Metal {'Skeleton Hand' by Devil Master}, and/or someone claims to have seen the face of Satan in the flames!

The cathedral looks like Hogwarts to Me, reminds of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, when Moundshroud helped the kids put it together from The Halloween Tree; and has seen hundreds of years of hypocritical opulence and theocratic oppression, but the ingenious levels of construction achieved is a monument to ingenuity, imagination, and creativity, which is to be lauded.

Interestingly, the burning cathedral seems ominously predicted in the still from Rosemary's Baby wherein she gapes in astonishment at the rendition of the burning edifice in Hellfire, which also carries an overall metaphorical meaning of the fall of the blindlight. Ergo, GOD IS DEAD! SATAN LIVES!

~ ⛧ ϟATAN

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