March 30th, 2019


Dracovum LIV

This day of observation marks the Nativity of Dracovum, the sweet empath by which The Draegon was made incarnate! All signs presented themselves upon the impending anthropomorphic manifestation, and so it is.

She may not agree with everything I have done and do, and vice-versa, but I love her dearly nonetheless.

Her journey is primarily one of the Compassion dynamic, though wrathful if needs be.

As a little child, she is your world. Think upon those times by which you have come to be. Beloved, getting to know one another's foibles, favorites, loves and dislikes, helping one another with whatever it may be, sharing humorous moments, holidays, conversations at meals, watching presentations together, even adventures.

The toys you had, the home provided, the sacrifices she did for you so that you could be well dressed, fed, educated, that you could go on fieldtrips with camp, be trained in activities of interest.

Her face overlooking you in the crib, for by the pain she experienced in birthing thy flesh, one may reward & be rewarded with her face lighting up upon each subsequent accomplishment, heart swelling with pride.

Whereupon pursuing one's interests and passions, she waited patiently all the while, to hear one's voice on the phone, and relishing one's visits. Pictures on the wall, the mantle, one to another,

The resonant ideal is The Addams Family model, if she so chooses to live with one perpetually. Though free to pursue her own interests and creations, which one appreciates as extensions of her essence.

Dracovum In Excelsis! Forever Eli!