March 28th, 2019


Malefick Musick video reviews [3/28]


Malefick Musick reviews submitted by listeners Eric Kelly and others, reviewed by your cruelly! - Dr. Dracenstein


LA GUNS - The Devil You Know
"My mother done tell Me I'm The Devil" - it's happened! It is very pleasing to see some of these bands coming forth to give The Devil His due in such a direct, formal manner! Such as this legendary Hollywood band of Sleaze Rockers, whom they can consider owing their success in Satan's carnal pleasures! It is a form of "giving back:", as it were. A splendidly rocking tune and hoof tapper for a continuance of a life well indulged, in the so-called sins of the world! To see Tracii Guns wearing a Baphomet medallion is quite a sight, and very appropriate after all!

Theatres Des Vampires - Morgana
A seeming tribute to that wondrously charming Villainess of Arthurian legend, Morgan LaFey, perhaps? Sonia Siccardi certainly fits the role well, shaking her tail to embody the lustful charms of a Succubus, an incarnation of Lilith, accompanied with such heavy reverberation so as to make The Devil proud! The video is unfortunately far too short!

BLUENGEL - Morning Star
Indeed, "just follow The Morning Star!" Lucifer! Liberator! Prideful rebel! Following one's own true nature, as one is one's own salvation! The indulgence of the flesh in all of its splendidly myriad manifestations! Purify one's mind from the nazarene poison, the enemy of pleasure, of joy, in the awareness of the flesh! Beautifully done video! In context and visuals, the nuns shedding perfidious mental shackles to follow their desires! Hail Lucifer! Hail Satan!

LORDI - Naked in My Cellar
Deep down, you are already mine! Lustful contemplation yield the daemons of nightmares that reveal the dreams of pleasure, granting them substance to indulge true nature! Give in to temptation, and unleash the beautiful beast within! {Fantastic presentation, costuming, props, prosthetics, storyline, visually and sonically gratifying!} May it be spread across the world!

STALKER - Behold The Beast
In the progression of the multimedia return of the age of darkness and enlightenment, timeless orthodoxies resurgent for everlasting prominence. The Age of The Draegon is emergent! STALKER wields the Hellish essence of Metal from the primordial depths and receive the Blessing of Satan to promulgate and thrive!

WORMWITCH - Dancing In The Ashes
A splendid mix of contemplative folk, asserting a Medieval mystical feel, yielding to a combination of Celtic Frost and Pyogenesis! Heavy instrumentation and bestial vocalization with a rich harmony & melodious diabolical flow.

HEIDEVOLK - A Wolf in My Heart
In honor of Volkh, Werewolf King! Splendid Satanimation, displaying p[principles of Might and vengeance! Indeed, "There is a beast in man that should be exercised, not exorcised!" {LaVey} The predatory beast of prey utilizes strength and cunning to survive, inspirational and resonant according to personality type, and is Satanic core. The Werewolf is represented in the beast in man invoking the primal energies and instincts as creatures of The Earth, and all of its wonders, of which we are a part. Beasts of Prey such as the lion, the serpent, the wolf, and the eagle and hawk are prime examples to emulate the differences between the sheep and the predator!


FROZEN CROWN - I Am The Tyrant
A wonderful orchestration all around, striking all principles of Malefick Musick - the beauty and the fury! Nestled in the seat of the empowering Hellements! Visually and musickally gratifying, inspiring Lust and Wrath!

ATLAS PAIN - The Moving Empire
It is pleasing to hear bands putting forth an actual effort to embody Metal worthy of The Devil! I like the use of past orthodoxies in this video, all additional stimulation for the overall cerebrum!

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