March 26th, 2019


Malefick Musick video reviews


Videos sent in by contributing listener Eric Kelly, David Hoch, Ricardo Shiavon, and others, with descriptions by yours cruelly! - Dr. Dracenstein

[2/24 - 3/26]

BILSKIRNIR - And the birds chant dies with the light
Devilishly dark, in the vain of early EMPEROR, yet would benefit greatly from better production. However, the raw sound does grant it a certain wicked charm. Plus, there are birds that live and thrive at night! Great potential to evolve herein!

BILKSIRNIR - Lost Forever
Very DARKTHRONE, yet these two pieces retain their infernal purity and integrity, coming straight from the very heart of Hell!

I kind of like NEW YEARS DAY, especially the lovely vocalist, representing a gothic witch very well herein, and the purported practices depicted resonate well! There is also a sense of joining the primal carnal with the Magical, one complementing the other in kind, and the all-one displayed even in her coloration. The music is a little poppish, but the aesthetics and subject matter make up for an overall infernally pleasing presentation!

BLACK ROAD - Bloody Mary
Thoroughly enjoy the ambiance Bloody Mary provides! A very 60's/70's aesthetic and sensation, Heavy grooves reminiscent of Blue Oyster Cult and Black Sabbath! Enriched by the paranormal subject matter!

NITA STRAUSS - Pandemonium
Complementary NITA STRAUSS continues in the fine line of Metal Queens Lita Ford and Doro Pesche with those "fingers that dance upon the strings like fire". Such passion1 This is definitely among The Devil's Musick!

ORDEN OGAN - Come With Me To The Other Side
Despite the well-composed musick and beautiful presentation, ORDER OGAN has seemingly brought forth the most recent suicide song for the masses! Almost in the vein of Gloomy Sunday, or even Suicide Solution, but if so inclined, it should be completely legal and methods available! Not just for what Dr. Kevorkian pioneered and succeeded, but an open option of the herd!

Hearkens to classic Hammer horror, and all those blissful nightmares awaiting deep in the realm of the darkest imagination. The fascination with the archetype of The Vampire who holds all those qualities the lesser man desires t wield, all enveloped in the mysteries of The Occult. HUNTRESS' musick is Powerful, granting an appropriate homage to the veritable undead gods!

DEATH ANGEL: Humanicide
Humanicide is assuredly a celebration of Misanthropic Power! Social Darwinism and ridding the world of the unfit! Who shall serve, suffer and perish! I have always enjoyed the dark musickal arts of Death Angel! Who along with The Ultraviolence, this opus shows them at their Beast! Death Angel flies again!

BROTHERS OF METAL: Prophesy of Ragnarok
Strength, Power, and Glory abundant and forever! Invoking the spirit of The Berserker throughout all timelessness! Hail Victory!

AMON AMARTH - Raven's Flight
"The ravens of night have flown forth to summon Loki, who hath set Valhalla aflame with the searing trident of the Inferno. The twilight is done. A glow of new light is borne out of the night and Lucifer is risen, once more to proclaim: "This is the age of Satan! Satan Rules the Earth!" - Prologue, The Satanic Bible, Anton Szandor Lavey. Hail Loki at Ranarok! Hail Victory! Hail Satan!

RIOT CITY - In The Dark
Truly manifests the essence of Metal! Powerful, majestic, heavy, with soaring vocals reminiscent of Halford's, an almost depiction of a disciple of The Priest! Let it be cast across the world!

John 5 & The Creatures - ZOINKS!
All around Halloween fun! As in they really know how to put the 'Fun' in funeral! With aesthetics, and talents worthy of The Monster Mash! Love Nikki Sixx's appearance {interestingly, he actually had communications with COS during Shout At The Devil era} and the rescue of the gillgirl! Even the diaplsy of the hearse driving up to the castle is optimally evocative of The Groovie Ghoulies! Overall, the antics, caper, of metal groovie ghoulies!

surely a celebratory tune invoking merriment and amusement! Dionysian song imbibing Leviathan's tide! Wields an almost Weird Al spirit! Fun and indulgent!

Fantastic! Heavy and epic! A tale of vengeance and Strength! Tremendous aesthetics, soaring vocals, malefick instrumentation!

An albeit disheveled ALESTROM reminds Me of RVNNING WILD's later pirate theme, hearkening to familiar celebrations had at every opportunity, and even those ascetic young ladies saw some sense after imbibing the Devil's elixirs! Revealing their true dispositions, sadly previously hidden behind a veneer of perfidy! A fun video kept in perspective! Indulgence, not compulsion! Hail Lust!

ONSLAUGHT - A Perfect Day to Die
Returning from the veritable Gates of Hell, these malefick musicians unleash sonic demons to possess your mind! Superb!
ONSLAUGHT have always been favorites! 1st ever I possessed was " Power From Hell", which I was impressed begins with Carmina Burana!

DARKOLOGY - Kill Me If You Can!
Storytelling, aesthetics, great horror idea of so-called "Eternal Evil", and the punishment of crime, No matter what they tried, they could not kill the "shadow" or "darkside" within!

LOKUST - Guiltless
Reminds Me of Hanger 18 in its instrumental excellence! Genius arises where one least expects it sometimes! The talent here oozes to the point that just watching the music be played in and of itself fulfills theatrics!

Definitely of a higher quality Metal and taps all three Malefick Musick elements. She sure is lovely, and the whole band converges to perfectly complement the theatrics as well as intensity of the musick!

CRIPPER - Animal of Prey
A Demoness in her own right, CRIPPER brings quite a ferocious element forth, and saw that Motorhead shirt! I like the apparent dichotomy in the combination of her beauty and the fierceness of her voice!

AIRBOOURNE - It's All For Rock 'N' Roll
A moving piece in tribute to Lemmy! Truly a Metal Icon with his own foibles, yet with an irascible personality and gruff demeanor, brought the Metal spirit to full throttle!

Metal Morticia! Madame Mayhem is indeed quite a looker, with a relatively smooth voice aggressively expressed, yet is there a band? It sort of sounds a lot like much of what is coming out now, but it certainly is better visually and sonically than most. Like the cloak and spikes!

D-DRIVE - Dig Down
The evocative pop metal music on the resurgence is much more preferable than the over-processed trendy garbage coming out lately, and is furthermore, evocative. Which can actually serve as an overall ingredient of the timeless machine. This song is such an example of recreating superior past orthodoxies to become current and preserved indefinitely.

ENFORCER - Mesmerized By Fire
Presents that powerful Metal 'spirit' worthy of Hell! Strong vocals, heavy drums and guitars, here with a mix of a warrior's attitude and a carnal celebration!

BLOODBOUND - Rise of The Dragon
What is imagined can become reality, materialized by The Satanic Will. The Draegons await at The Gates. What was is to be again. A massive wave of Magic shall burst the dam of consciousness. Feel The Power! SO IT IS DONE!

CRYSTAL VIPER: The Witch Is Back
Emerging like a demonic banshee, possessing the mind outright, arising from the depths of The Abyss within, with infernal Power coursing through the instruments used as veritable stanchions! Welcome, Dear Witch and accompanying Devils! Receive The Blessings of Lucifer!

WHITESNAKE - Shut Up & Kiss Me
Coverdale serving as a veritable empath to carnal energy! When the dross is removed, this white snake sheds his skin in preservation, in a countenance purified to contribute the impending proliferous emergence in this genre! Feel the 'sin' - how sweet it is!

KANE ROBERTS - Beginning of The End
Retrovolutional Transformation. R/Evolution.

Oriental Flower by Ricardo Shiavon
Seems a veritable ode to the grand mysteries of The Far East, centuries of martial arts and fine compositions. As well as perhaps a sweet paramour encountered in an Asian Garden. Beautifully evocative of My own recollections as well.

Calling For You Through The Mists of The Night by Ricardo Shiavon
Of Knights and their ladies fair... a summoning forth and jaunt in the mystical realms of the imagination - enriching, evocative, and empowering!

The Witch Wants Wise Man by Ricardo Shiavon
Music for a surreal Underworld celebration, and dark dreams of Witchcraft...

With a voice reminiscent of evocative David Coverdale, with so many changes and shifts, both heavy with a complexity, a Joie de vivre combining intelligence and raw talent, carnality and force, fast-paced instrumentation, atmospheric and visually stimulating, all 3 Malefick Musick Hellements are present!

MR. BIG - Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy
The evocative Mr. Big - one of those appreciated in formative development. The message of this song is one that harkens to Strength and responsibility, asserting The Self as one's savior, and those one so chooses to bestow cooperation. I picture The Sabbatic Baphomet enthroned in absolute undefiled wisdom and Power! Indeed, always carnal! The arcane aesthetics arranged for this video is much visually appreciated for one's favorable viewing!

SILVER BULLET - The Witches Hammer
The Witches Hammer is a splendid piece which seems to turn the tables, wherein the nuns are burned [instead]; though no true witches were burned at the stake or actually tortured - these were in-fighting peasants and opportunistic theocratic bodies with a agenda against certain monetary entities {like a mafia church}. The symbolic idea is of pertinence here, though, that these perfidious mandates be purged, and lusts of the flesh awakened! {Not unlike L'Air Epais} Great aesthetics, lyrickal content, and Hellishly Heavy Malefick Musick!

ANIMAL DRIVE - Time Machine
Pleasing to listen a relatively new band playing real Metal! Gives the impression of DIO, & Snider! Good heavy stuff!

SONS OF APOLLO - Lost In Oblivion
Grants an almost Primus meets Atheist impression with so many switches and turns, and the synthesizer used so multi-dimensionally is remarkable used like another instrument altogether, contributing to the others instead of singularly replicating. Aesthetics should be exemplified. An overall excellent song!

BEELZEBUBS - Blackened Call
I like animation being used in this manner - more so termed "Satanimation" to exemplify Powerful musick, done here with an amusing tongue-in-cheek sensibility!

ARCH ENEMY - The Eagle Flies Alone
The Eagle Flies Alone is quite Luciferian in countenance, complete with references to a bird of prey, freedom of flight, Hellement of Air, etc. Excellent!

Burning Witches is an exceptional band in most every way, exhaulting beauty and dark aesthetics, mixing the three principles of Malefick Musick. Infernal Blessing upon them!

CRAZY LIXX - 21 'Til I Die!
Crazy Lixx for a state of being of one's preference, harkening to "Stay Wild"! Very evocative!

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