March 24th, 2019


The Invisible War continues...


Ghettoization of culture

As a sort of vengeance for past racism and revenge against the "establishment", or "white devil", seems that perhaps opposing racists have plotted to destroy the culture from the inside-out, under the guise of "multiculturalism", which has resulted in the 'Ghettoization' of culture, which was always Strong since the inception and through two world wars, yet still remaining globally dominant.

Opposite side of the same coin!

Just like the pseudo-feminist movement who act just like those they attempt to rail against, in an effort to establish equality, they have themselves become racists! The abused becomes the abuser!

Regarding multimedia, music business executives are just opportunists that will sell & promote whatever no-talent trash to make a fast buck. The herd are easily programmed to actually "like" mediocrity, brainwashed to believe that it is of any value, eventually causing overall desensitization and lowered standards.

Current culture is still sadly based on race, and nepotism reigns.

Destructive & Parasitic Organisms

Illegal Immigrants still attempting to stream-in across the border {retaining passive-aggressive resentments, kept alive by the system} from a plethora of countries {including terrorist enemies}.

Losers & petty criminals with jailhouse mentalities take false 'pride' in prisons they've been incarcerated in, the run-down neighborhoods they reside in and continue to destroy. What is considered shameful by the intelligent is lauded by the ignorant & aggressively stupid. They must be allowed to destroy eachother and themselves through violence and narcotics for the entertainment of proles and responsible citizens. The Circus Maximus and the Running Man must be guidelines now.

The Wall is necessary, for both psychological purposes as well as a physical deterrent, in order to deter attacks from within. Guard posts must be stationed to monitor interlopers. Barbed wire must be made of a material not profitable for border rats, and/or electrified to avoid pilfering.

Lilliputian attack!?

The japanese military started it in the 40's after they attacked Pearl Harbor, and of course had to be addressed, thus awakening a sleeping giant, taking the Gulliver's Travel/Lilliputian approach of trying to take down the giant! {Godzilla metaphor?}, through cheap mass merchandising everything so much sop that it has become a virtual joke! Attempting to take over media, even unto this day, through multimedia over-proliferation and mimicry!

Worthless Wealth!

Then there are rich poser douchebags virtually purchasing degrees, scholarships, placements, eventually placing their incompetent progeny into positions of undeserved responsibility! Essentially like passing the slow kid because you feel sorry for them, or receiving some bribe! Essentially making them worthless!

The only viable option is Meritocracy. EARNING accolades and proving one's mettle by actual effort, accomplishment that promotes pride and evolution, not fake pretension!

~ ⛧ ϟATAN

Recommended reading: The Invisible War; LaVey.